How to Make Smartphone Waterproof That Are Not IP Certified

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Not all smartphones are waterproof, so how to make your smartphone waterproof, which is not IP certified?

Well this is a major concern for users, as water damaging your smartphone is the last thing you would want. Most manufacturers, if not all won’t provide you a warranty if your device is water damaged. I guess most of us have noticed small white papers inside the battery port or the headphone port (not iPhone). Those papers are there for a reason. When these small papers are exposed to moisture, they change their color. It indicates water damage to a device and thus you are in no position to claim a warranty.

Many high-end smartphones are getting IP certified, which means they are water and dust resistant. However, the major concern is that only higher end devices today get the IP certification. For the matter of fact, most users fall in the budget and midrange category, which still lacks the IP certification. Even the iPhone until iPhone 7 were not waterproof or water resistant. I am not sure why manufacturers skip this important feature in their devices. We can argue on this long but that will not help us to make our smartphone waterproof.

Let us look at the best and budget friendly options that are available to make your smartphone waterproof that are not IP certified. A little fact to share here: IP certification is the rating system that describes the devices capabilities to withstand water and dust and prevent damage when exposed to these elements.

Top Easy and Cheap Methods to Make Smartphone Waterproof

The easiest and cheapest method to get your smartphone from getting water damaged is getting a waterproof pouch or case. I will list down the best cases and pouch currently available in the market.

#1 Aeoss Waterproof Pouch- ₹ 399 for 2

aeoss waterproof pouchThis one is the cheapest on the list and for the price; it does its job well. If you are not sure of using a waterproof and want to try them first before getting an expensive one, this is the one to have. I recommend getting the Pack of 2 as it is priced about ₹ 399/ $6.12, which is very cheap. Keep in mind this is a pouch, which can hold your phone under water or in rain and not a case.

You can use your touchscreen while it is inside the pouch. Though using it under water will be an issue, as water will act as resistance between your fingers and the screen. I don’t know why you will want to text from underwater, but this pouch can surely help you get some underwater shots using the camera. For the price, it’s a stellar deal and works great.

It does its job of keeping your smartphone waterproof even under water in the pool or in heavy rain. I will surely not recommend you to go for scuba diving with this pouch. It supports devices up to 5.7” so you can easily use most of the devices with the pouch.

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#2 Tarkan IPx8 Waterproof Pouch- ₹599

tarkan waterproof pouchTarkan is a very popular mobile accessories brand, which makes quality product at great prices. It is probably one of the favourite waterproof pouches currently available in the market. For the price of just around ₹ 599 / $9.18 and having IPx8 protection, it makes for a very secure pouch on the list. You can easily go for swimming and even surfing with your smartphone in the pouch.

It is rated safe up to 10m inside water, which is great considering its cheap price tag. I definitely suggest you to get this pouch to protect your expensive smartphones. Even if your smartphone is water resistant, dipping it in water can damage it. There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof. Most IP certified devices in the market are water resistant and not waterproof.

Tarkan Waterproof pouch comes with a neck and armband so you can carry it safely and secure on your swimming or surfing trips. You can even explore the underwater using this pouch to click great images. It has a sensitive outer covering giving you a smooth touch experience. Just keep in mind to keep out all the air bubbles out of the pouch before sealing it for a better touch experience underwater.

The only drawback of the pouch yet, is it supports only devices upto 5.5” so a larger device cannot be use with the pouch. It also has air bladder technology to keep the device floating on the surface of the water in case it slips of your neck or falls out of your grip. For the price it provides a lot of features to give you peace of mind while on a beach vacation or during water activities.

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#3 Spigen Velo IPx8 Waterproof Pouch- ₹999

spigen waterproof pouchIn the above product, I mentioned a little drawback, which is covered by this Spigen Pouch. It can hold devices up to 6”, making it possible for larger devices to be secured underwater. The Spigen waterproof pouch comes with a IPx8 certification making it a proven choice. It comes at a higher price tag than the Tarkan one but for a very genuine reason.

If you are someone who love scuba diving and underwater diving, this pouch can be your Go Pro alternative. It is rated to be safe up to 25m, making it one hell of a waterproof pouch. For the price if around ₹999/ $15.31, this one offers a lot of features and protection. To carry around it comes with an extendable lanyard.

I can definitely recommend this if you have a larger device and plan to go for an underwater diving trip soon. It can be useful compared to the Tarkan one while going deep up to 25ms. It has very sturdy locks to secure the device inside the pouch and prevent any water from going inside. The touch response it great keeping in mind you won’t be typing documents under water.

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#4 Joto Universal Waterproof Case- ₹ 1,600

joto waterproof pouchJoto is among the most popular waterproof pouch and case maker in the sphere. It is considered one of the best smartphone waterproof pouches in the market currently available. Though it is not sold directly in India you can get the original Joto ones imported through the Amazon site. I will link it down if you want something that experts use.

It comes at a price point of ₹1600/ $6.99-9.99, which in my opinion is quite higher, compared to the others mentioned above. As it is imported from USA, it takes into the cost of freight and customs that increases the price subsequently.

It has its own set of benefits like the crazy 100 ft safety guarantee, which is deepest in the market. I would have easily suggested this over any other if only the prices were lower in India. For the price, it seems too expensive given the competition. Very few people will actually go as deep as 30ms.

There is no doubt this is one of the best quality pouches but only the price makes me not recommend you this strongly. In other parts of the world like UK or US, this one should be your first choice for a waterproof pouch.

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#5 CaliCase Glowing Waterproof Case- ₹ 3,119

calicase waterproof caseAnother from the staples of store, which can be imported to India through The only added benefit of this pouch is that it comes with a glowing paint coating. So if you are in dark fishing or on the beach and lose your device you can easily locate it in the dark.

It comes at a hefty price tag of around ₹3119 in India, which is way too much for a waterproof case. I could not recommend it though here in India. However if you are in US or other parts of the world this is one of the best cases to have for your device. It has IPx8 certification and dual PVC protection making it a secure pouch even for the most expensive of devices.

Rated up to 30ms or 100 fts this one has to be top of the list together with Joto for best waterproof cases. It is roughly priced around $20 and comes in various glowing colors making it a great partner for late night fishing or surfing trips.

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I suggest everyone to get a waterproof pocuh for your expensive smartphones today. It will relieve you from the worries of water damaging your devices. I hope I was able to provide you the most needed help in making smartphone waterproof that are not IP certified by the manufacturers.

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