My Favorite Portable Bluetooth Speaker Logitech X50 Review

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We all love music and a good speaker is undoubtedly the must-have partner for great music experience. Today you get a ton of choices for a good portable Bluetooth speaker. I have used quite a few of the portable ranges from JBL, Logitech, Zook, Amazon basics and even Philips. They all have great quality and perform decent for the most part of the usage. However, I find myself always going back to my Logitech X50 each time I travel or hanging out at my friend’s place. I love the sound output as well the loudness of the little beast.

For my international Buddies, you can get the x100 which is better and has more advanced features compared to x50.

Logitech X100 Buy Internationally

logitech x50 reviewGreat Sound Quality for Price

For the price around Rs. 1500 / $25, this is a tiny bomb. It houses a 38.1 mm driver with a frequency response of 132Hz-20 kHz. The speaker is loud enough for you to enjoy music while you are working in Kitchen or on a garden party. I love bassy signature and this speaker do surprise me with its output. It’s amazing how good the speaker handles loud volumes being such small in size. For the price it is one of the best speakers you can get if not the best. In my opinion, I would pick it any day compared to many higher priced alternatives.


The speaker comes in a circular shape open grill look giving maximum surface area for the sound to project out. You can easily carry it around in your pockets to setup quick party anywhere with your friends or family. The base of the speakers comes with a rubber grip that is very sturdy and keeps the speaker in place strongly. It also has an option to hang the speaker using the notch on top. You don’t have to worry about breaking it around kids, (I have dropped it a few times and it shows no major damage). The built quality is sturdy with the rubber grip and the plastic grills on top.

logitech x50 bluetooth speaker review


The battery inside is 750 mAh which can last you over five hrs on one charge. You can charge it with any micro USB charger of your smartphone or PC using a micro USB cable. It connects via Bluetooth as well as AUX. You will find 3 buttons, the middle one is for power-on/off and connecting to device and the other two for volume control. There is no SD-Card support for the speaker but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker in any case. It also has a small led showing you the mode and battery status.




logitech x50 review

To pair the device, you need to press and hold the power button for 3 secs and it will enter in pairing mode. You will notice the light blinking blue and an alert sound. Connect your smartphone and tap pair to enjoy playing songs directly. It is that simple and the connection is very stable for quite a long range. It has a Bluetooth range of around 30 fts, which is satisfactory in most cases. The LED indicators has its own purpose, like the Red is for battery low indicator, purple when fully charged and when the speaker is not connected to any device and blue for connection.

Should You Buy? Hell Yeah!

I have been using this speaker for over 2 years now and am more than happy with the performance. I make sure it is in my tech bag every time I am travelling. This is one of those gadgets that everyone must have and will find themselves using a lot. I even ditch my bigger speakers sometime and use this speaker on my desk for quick playlists. You can charge it once and store it safely for quite some time without any charge drop.

logitech x50 bluetooth speaker review

It comes in various colors that are punchy and striking. I use the black one, but my friends have the other blue and yellow ones, which really look funky and different. They even have an orange variant with purple contrast. So next time you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker that is portable and powerful enough to make for a small party, be sure to check this out. Only thing to keep in mind is, you cannot take calls using this speaker, which is not a con but might be something useful for some of you. Apart from this, I could not find any flaws in the device that can make you refrain for purchasing this.

Color Options

Black Color: Buy from Amazon

Blue Color: Buy from Amazon

Yellow & Grey: Buy from Amazon

Orange & Purple: Buy from Amazon

Let me know in the comments you experience using this speaker and your favorite color.

See you soon my Awesome Buddies, take care.

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