[100% Legit] How to Use Two Separate WhatsApp on One Android Device

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Do you wish to use two separate WhatsApp account on a single device? Well, follow me then. It’s frustrating to get your boss’s text while chatting with friends. Earlier way around was to have two different devices with separate accounts. Then what is the use of having a dual SIM device if you need to carry two devices for WhatsApp. I will walk you through the best possible way to use two different WhatsApp account on the same android device. It is completely legit and does not require rooting or any kind of third party app download. Xiaomi and currently Huawei users have luck as this feature in inbuilt in their OS.

I will list down the steps for Xiaomi as well as Huawei users for them who might be missing out on the extra trick. For every other android user I have the easiest and legit way of using two separate WhatsApp account on same android device. No more mingling your work life with your personal life and keep them separate even without carrying any extra device with you. It works like charm and requires no extra technical knowledge. Its super easy and free method to have two working WhatsApp account on your dual SIM device. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to have two different numbers/SIMs to activate two accounts on your device.

100% Working and Legit Way of Having Two Different WhatsApp Account on Same Android Device

After downloading tons of apps appealing to be clone apps for WhatsApp, I finally came across this app called Parallel Space. It is simple and does the job with great stability and security. But before getting into the app, let us look at the options available for Xiaomi and Huawei users.

For Xiaomi Users

It is bed of roses for the Xiaomi users as they have this feature built-in to the UI. Just go into the settings and enable it. Voila! You have two working WhatsApp on your Xiaomi device. Not just WhatsApp, but you can also scan many apps to clone them. Follow the below screenshots and try it out today itself, if you haven’t tried it yet. You just need to have your device updated to MiUi 8, which I guess you are already on.

Dual Apps settings Xiaomi MiUi

Clone apps on Xiaomi

Choose app to clone in MiUi Xiaomi

Two WhatsApp on Xiaomi MiUi

 For Huawei Users

If you have the latest Huawei or Honor device you get the twin app option build in the UI. Same as Xiaomi you can jump into settings and create a duplicate of WhatsApp or any other app from the list. It displays both the apps in a folder with number 1or2 to show which of the app you are using at the moment. Even though I am not a great fan of EMUI, the current addition made me start liking it.

Twins Apps feature Huawei

Twin Apps On Huaweicourtsey: xda forum


For Other Android Users use the App “Paralle Space

For every other user, I have a special treat to offer. This is the best and the legit way to use two WhatsApp without violating or rooting your device. Just download and create a clone of the app. You can use the second app pretty much same as the original app. It even appears same as the original app. Along with it, you even get a lock screen that has customized option for you to choose to either enter home screen or the clone app directly.

In matter of minutes, you can have two functional WhatsApp with notifications working on the same device. This is legit as you need two separate numbers to verify you account and only the app is cloned not the contents. With this, you can keep your personal and official life separate that too on the same device. It is as simple as setting up an alarm, follow me:


  • Search “ Parallel Space” in Google Playstore and download itparallel space app
  • Open the app after installation and it will show a screen with the apps that can be cloned

parallel app for cloning apps

  • Choose the app that you want to clone, in this case it is WhatsApp

Clone WhatsApp using parallel apps

  • It will create a separate WhatsApp, enter your number and verify it

verify cloned whatsapp

  • Click on the WhatsApp icon inside the app and click on create shortcut
  • You can now see two fully functional WhatsApp on the home screen

two whatsapp on single device

  • You can choose to lock the app with fingerprint or pattern
  • On the lock screen there will be two options, one for the usual home screen and the other for the Parallel Space app, slide and enter the password to enter into the cloned app

I am sure this app will make your lives easier and you no longer have to hunt for apps to clone your apps. It is the best app available on the android platform apart from the built-in features like Xiaomi or Huawei.

Let me know if you face any issue in setting up the clone. Leave a comment if it really helped you to manage life a little better. Let your friends know about it and be the hero sharing this lifesaving tip.

See you soon my awesome buddies. Take care.

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  • September 17, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    My boyfriend downloaded thIs app. Since then he has been having issues with his primary whatsapp. Many times he can not receive messages unless he manually launches whatsapp and somethimes he cant send or receive messages even though he has wi fi and data. The messages remain with a single tick.

    • September 17, 2017 at 8:00 pm

      It’s unfortunate. It shouldn’t be happening. Let me know what is his Android version and whether he is using any memory optimising apps like cleaner master or not. In such a case avoid using the memory optimising app and reinstall the WhatsApp. As the messages are not sent there might be an issue with the WhatsApp application. Update it. Best is to reinstall the app. Keep me posted I will be happy to help.

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