5 Must Follow Tips for Parents While Using YouTube Kids App

5 Must Follow Tips for Parents While Using YouTube Kids App

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YouTube Kids App is probably the most asked update that parents had been asking from Google. With YouTube becoming one of the most used media of entertainment.

It needed the dedicated update that could make it more kids friendly.

Being an open platform, you can find many unmonitored and not so kids friendly videos circulating on the platform.

Though it was always intended to be a grown-up platform for entertainment, its popularity among kids has to be taken into consideration.

YouTube kids

Not only entertainment, YouTube has been a platform for knowledge sharing as well as learning.

People like me spent a lot more time on YouTube than any other entertainment medium. It not just provides you contents for entertainment, I learn a lot from YouTube.

You can use it for selective learning and even grow your productivity.

YouTube has become such an important platform nowadays that I prefer watching a tutorial rather reading manuals or getting help from experts.

The biggest advantage of it is, being completely free. You pay nothing for the online tutorial that would have cost you at least a traveling expense or call charge to get help from an expert.

What is YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is the single most popular content sharing platform, especially for kids. Google had been planning for the same for many years and they finally released it in 2015.

With this update, Google planned to make YouTube accessible to kids without much parental intervention.

This app makes sure kids get only contents that are free of adult contents. Designers and developers made sure that the kids could use the app easily.

Decorated with big buttons on screen to help kids navigate within the app on their own.

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YouTube Kids App

This app seems to be perfect for kids with loads of learning and entertaining contents. However, not everything is greener on the parent’s side.

Many parents complained about contents that depicted violence and inappropriate contents for the kids on the Google Playstore.

They reported few of the kids show presented killing, sexual acts, and violence. It does give a lot of control to the parents but such contents sweeping through kids contents are not acceptable.

You can flag contents and disable search bar to make sure kids are not exposed to violent or sexual contents.

I personally felt the app to be a great alternative to television and cartoon with more control over the contents.

But to make your kids are safe and not exposed to the inappropriate contents let us look at the few tips parents need to follow to provide a safer viewer experience for the kids.

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5 Tips for Parents on YouTube Kids App

These tips are for parents to make sure your kids are not watching something they shouldn’t.

Monitor the videos your kids are watching

Though Google promises, you can leave your kids alone with the app safely. I though have a different opinion on the real-life scenarios parents face with their kids using this app.

In my personal opinion and in the best interest of the kids, you should keep an eye on the contents that your kids are watching on the app.

What Videos To Show YouTube kidsIt is mainly because your kid can be older and some contents might be correct for him/her but can be inappropriate for younger kids. Make sure your kids get the contents that are intended for that audience age group.

Parents must make sure the videos that are fed to their kids are appropriate and suitable for the age group.

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Disable the search

When kids grow up, their curiosity increases and they can look-up contents that are inappropriate. To make sure they do not indulge in such activities, it is preferable to disable the search bar.

Thus, your kids will be viewing contents that are monitored by YouTube and marked as appropriate for kids.

Disable search YouTube Kids

It is a very useful feature for parents to have more control over the contents that their kids are viewing. One of the best feature I found on the app that can be great for maintaining the safety of kids.

Limit the usage time

Limiting the usage time of the app makes sure your kids are not indulged in the app for a long time. Doing this will ensure your kids are not having a strain on their eyes from constant video watching.

You can limit the usage to an hour or two based on your kid’s age.

Set timer to limit usage time

Even experts say to limit the amount of time kids spent on smartphone or tablet usage. Once you set the timer, it will automatically warn the kid from using the app and move on to other activities.

Flag videos immediately with inappropriate contents

YouTube is a community-based platform that works for feedback. To make the app safer and appropriate, parents should always flag contents that they believe to be inappropriate.

This will help the YouTube moderators to review and make sure such videos are not shown in the app.

Mostly this happens due to the fact that YouTube filter videos based on an algorithm and not manually. Unlike most movies and television shows where contents are monitored before it is presented to the viewer.

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Report and Flag videos YouTube KidsSo there is a possibility many inappropriate contents creep into the app.

It is the duty of the parents to make sure they keep a check on the contents and report it directly to YouTube through flagging. It will ensure such contents to be removed and make the platform safer for kids.

I have personally used this and found YouTube to be very active in taking complains seriously and acting on it accordingly.

Parents be in Control

No matter how safe the app sound for the kids, parents must be in full control of the usage for a safer experience of the kids. You should make sure you know what your kids are watching on the app and if the content is appropriate for them.

Parents in Control YouTube kids

In my frank opinion, YouTube should try to include manual monitoring of the individual contents.

This would probably be a tedious task and require a lot of man-hours. However, it will ensure no such explicit contents creep into the app and destroy the experience of the kids.

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Let me know if you use YouTube Kids app for your sweet angels and your experience with it. I hope these small but useful tips will enhance your kid’s experience with you being in control. The app will get better day by day as it learns from the user feedback.

Moreover, going by Google’s past, this is sure to be one of the mainstream kid’s entertainment and learning platforms in coming years. It is available for iOS as well as Android.

Get the app: YouTube Kids


See you, Awesome Buddies, soon, take care and enjoy a healthy monsoon.

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