5 Ways to Buy Apps from Google Playstore without Credit Card

5 Ways to Buy Apps from Google Playstore without Credit Card

These 5 Ways to Buy Apps from Google Playstore without Credit Card can help you get your favorite app easy and quick. I remember facing this challenge way back in 2013, I was trying to buy then released GTA title. I am a big GTA fan but as I had no credit card, I had to let go of my wish of getting it. Back then, you needed to have an international card to make payments on Google Wallet.
However, the advancement of Android and its reach to farthest corners made it easier to buy items on the playstore.
These days you get tons of options to pay for apps or by using the Google Wallet. In other words, Google is trying to enter into emerging markets like India, China, Indonesia, and others. Credit card users in the emerging markets are quite less compared to the western countries. On contradictory, emerging markets have far more user base. This change of policies makes it more appealing to users from every country to take the full advantage of Android platform.
Android is a very flexible platform having an array of apps for you to make use of possibly any kind of task. I am personally very excited about this, mostly as the better apps or a better version of the same app needs to be purchased. The basic difference between a free and a paid app is, a paid app is better built and provide added features and flexibility. On the other hand, it means the developers can also have a better earning opportunity from the largest share of Android users in the world.

5 Ways You Can Purchase From Google Playstore

Interestingly the emerging markets like India have the largest smartphone app users in the whole world. You can only imagine the magnitude of app users that can be pumped-up if they were not bound to have credit cards to buy apps.
Don’t worry if you do not have a credit card and still wish to purchase the app you always desired. These methods are proven useful and are very easy to use in making a purchase on the Google Playstore.

1.     Net Banking

Yes, you heard me right; Google has implemented net banking as a payment option in their store. It means, if you have a bank account with internet banking facility enabled, you can make any purchase seamlessly. Internets banking in most countries is very simple to activate and it is free without any charges from the bank. At present, Google supports most of the top banks with the list regularly updated. Having the option to use internet banking as a payment mode on Google Playstore, makes it more accessible to users, especially from countries like India.
To use internet banking as a payment mode on the Playstore you are required to follow few simple steps:


  •     Step 1: Open your Google Playstore app on your android smartphone
    add payment option
  •     Step 2: On the homepage, click on the three dots on the right top corner to access the menu
  •     Step 3: Scroll down to find “ Account” option and click on it
    add payment method on google playstore
  •     Step 4: A window will open with few options, select “Payment Methods” from the list
    add net banking payment method on google playstore
  •     Step 5: Find “Add a payment method” and select Net banking·
  •     Step 6: A pop-up window will open with list of banks, select your bank from the list
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You are done, next time you come across an app you want to purchase, you will find your bank in the payment mode. Simply enter your Google Password and the bank details; you will need to verify your account through an OTP from the bank. Confirm the OTP for the payment and wallah! You have your favorite app purchased within few minutes. Probably you would like to use this option more than your credit card, as you are not required to pay bills at the end of the month including interests.

2.     Google Play Gift Cards

If net banking is not your cup of tea or just your bank account doesn’t have a net banking. Using Gift Cards are a very reliable source of payment that used to be the best alternative for years to credit cards. I remember using it many times to make a purchase on Google Playstore when it only accepted credit cards and international debit cards. It is safe and very easy to get hold of from any online retailer. I prefer Amazon for the most part of any type of gift cards. You can purchase gift cards of various denominations and top-up your wallet or even pay directly using the unique code.
google play gift card
The process is very simple, just choose the denomination and purchase the card. You will receive a physical Google Play Gift Card with a scratch code. This is the code, you have to use while making a payment on the Playstore.
It’s done within 3 easy steps and without any mobile verification or OTP.
  • ·         Step 1: Search the app you want to purchase
  • ·         Step 2: Click buy and a new window opens asking payment mode
  • ·         Step 3: Choose “Redeem Code” option and type in your code


redeem google play gift card code
Done, you will have a confirmation shortly and get your desired app without the need of any bank account. It’s totally authentic as Google themselves support it and it is safe too. I have personally used this method for years, until recently as net banking was accepted as a payment mode. You can even get international Gift Cards for those apps, which may be, are not available in your country yet. I will leave a link below for you to check out the Gift Cards and try them.
Amazon Google Play Gift Cards: http://amzn.to/2roCCm8

3.     Online Wallets

Online wallets are more like your digital payment bank where you store cash for payments later. Wallets are getting widely popular due to their flexibility and acceptance as a major payment mode by merchants. In developing economies like India, online wallets have seen a big boom in the recent propelled the government’s move for the digital economy. I personally use wallets a lot for various purposes like restaurant bills, food ordering, online shopping, bill payments and much other stuff.  In my experience with wallets, I have found them to be super easy to use and having a good level of security.
And you know, I prefer using wallets to every other online payment options for one simple reason; Discounts. Yes, various wallets have a different set of offers and coupons that they provide as complimentary with every transaction made using the wallets. They are very simple to use, you just need to connect your bank account with your wallet and you are ready to rock. In addition, the added layer of security which require mobile number OTP verification makes it secure to use.
If you are in India, I suggest going for PayTM or Freecharge as both of them are supported by Google playstore for payments. Elsewhere you can use Alipay or even Velocity Global Wallet, make sure you check terms and condition in your country before using the wallets. You can directly make payments using the wallet by buying Google Play Recharge Codes. It works the same as the gift cards, but here you get added discounts and benefits for using the wallets.
Opening a wallet and buying a Google Play code is very simple, follow me:
  • ·         Step 1: In the Google Playstore search for Freecharge or PayTM
  • ·         Step 2: Download the app and open it
  • ·         Step 3: Choose your language and click on Sign Up
  • ·         Step 4: Create a new ID using your phone number, Name and Email ID
  • ·         Step 5: It will send a verification code to your phone to verify, enter the code and complete the process
    add new card on paytm
  • ·         Step 6: Open the app, it will ask you to enter the bank details. If not prompted, go to “Profile” select “security and settings” and add a new card.
    google play code buy on paytm
  • ·         Step 7: After you are done adding your card, go to the home page and scroll left to get “Google Play” option
    pay for google play giftcard on paytm
  • ·         Step 8: Click on Google Play and recharge the amount to get a secret code that you can redeem on the Google Playstore
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To buy an app using the code:
  • ·         Search the app you want to buy
  • ·         Click buy, and choose to redeem code, and enter the code you received in your wallet
  • ·         Confirm the payment and you are done.
      PayTM App :Get it on Google Play
Freecharge App:Get it on Google Play

4.     Adding it to Your Carrier Bill

Alternatively, if you are willing to include the payment for Apps into your next bill or pay from your prepaid balance, you can do it very easily. Currently, it is available in many countries like USA, UK and recently rolled out in India. In this method, you pay using your prepaid mobile balance or add the amount to be paid with the bill.
It is currently supported by top operators in the world like: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Airtel and other are added regularly. Be sure to check your country specific operator from the link below to know if your carrier is supported.
Check carrier billing in your country: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2651410?hl=en
This is a very convenient method as the payment is fast and is reflected in 15 mins on your carrier account. For the prepaid customer, you will get a balance deduction instantly and for postpaid customers, you will be getting a text message from the operators and Google confirming your payment.
To use this method you are required to follow few simple steps as:
  • ·         Step 1: Open the playstore and search for the app you want to buy
  • ·         Step 2: Click on the purchase option and select carrier billing or global billing
  • ·         Step 3: It will ask to verify your ID using the phone number you entered, this is one-time registration
  • ·         Step 4: Enter all the necessary details and confirm the OTP to create the account
  • ·         Step 5: Select confirm payment and you are done.
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The amount if spent from a prepaid account will show the immediate effect and for the postpaid customer in their next bill. It is easy, fast and safe method to buy anything from Google Playstore without the need for any bank account or cards. Though it is not available for all users at present, we believe it will be soon rolled to others. Try this method in your app if it supports the feature and does share your experience in the comments below.

5.     Using Google Credits

This is not a traditional method of buying a Google app from the Playstore. But it is a very easy to use and free method that can be of great help for you to make small purchases. This method is more like a reward option hosted by Google itself. You are required to share opinion and take part in surveys on the Google Opinion Rewards app and collect credits in return. You can then use these credits for buying apps on the playstore.
google opinion rewards
It is simple and the best part is completely free, it is provided by Google so it’s authentic. I suggest you waste no time further and download the Google Opinion Awards app and start earning credits today. I will make a separate guide to Google Opinion Rewards very soon as it is officially launched in India, so stay tuned.
Google Opinion Reward:Get it on Google Play


Do share your opinion on the above methods and let me know which of these you would prefer for buying an app on Google Playstore. Do share with friends and others to let them know about the useful ways to get the best out of your android smartphone.
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