6 Confirmed Specs About OnePlus 6 from the Leaks and Teasers

6 Confirmed Specs About OnePlus 6 from the Leaks and Teasers

Social media is flooded with leaks and teasers of the upcoming flagship killer OnePlus 6. OnePlus always brings excitement and anticipation to the smartphone with their affordable flagship smartphones. OnePlus 5 and 5T were one of the bestselling smartphones the previous year. They received worldwide acclaim for being great value for the price. I am personally a OnePlus 5 user and it has been serving me very well close to a year.

With latest and the greatest features and processor OnePlus always brings great performance for almost half the price of its flagship counterparts. OnePlus has earned its identity as a Flagship killer which keeps every tech enthusiasts wait for it every year for something new and exciting. OnePlus 6 is due to launch in few months if not early. And social media is already hyped with the leaks and teasers.

Today we will look at top 6 things that are confirmed about OnePlus 6 from the leaks and teasers. Even the brand’s top officials have lately started to tease the new device on Twitter. OnePlus has this habit of creating hype before a product launch. Until now it has worked in the favor of them, as they have always successfully delivered impressive products at very competitive pricing.

OnePlus 6 Features and Specs Confirmed from Leaks

We are personally very excited of the upcoming OnePlus 6 and decided to round up the leaks and present you the features and specification that is most likely to come with the new OnePlus 6. Though we have no concrete information about the launch date as yet, rumors suggest it is very close. Even it is suggested that OnePlus might launch the new device earlier this year compared to past.

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#1 Snapdragon 845 with 6GB/8GB RAM

The phone is most likely to run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC which is the latest and most powerful chip from Qualcomm. OnePlus has always been one of the first makers to use the latest Qualcomm chip in their phone. It will come with a 6GB/8GB of RAM options for smooth running of anything thrown at it with ease. The storage options can see an upgrade with 256GB variant available.

#2 Dual Cameras

Dual cameras are most likely to be present at the previous generation of OnePlus had them. We are not sure of the exact configuration of the cameras but the orientation is more likely new. In a leak it shows a dual camera with vertical setup at the center followed by a fingerprint scanner at the back. Portrait mode and bokeh mode will surely be a choice as it has become quite a necessity presently. The CEO also confirmed that you can focus using the alert slider in a twitter post.

#3 Notch Design

OnePlus 6 design

This is quite a trend after the market accepted the iPhone X with a notch. Many leaks are circulating showing the notch display to the front. It is likely to be a choice as it provides the manufacturer with more screen real estate. With the craze for bigger displays and thin bezels becoming a necessity, the manufacturer may find this the way to house the sensors and front camera. OnePlus has always seen to have taken inspiration from the Oppo R series of phones. The OnePlus 5 was inspired by the latest Oppo R11 which looked identical to OnePlus 5 which launched later. The newly launched Oppo R15 can give us design hints of the upcoming OnePlus 6 which clearly shows a Notch Display. The design can see a revamp with the introduction of textured back as per a Tweet from Evan Blass

#4 Water Resistance

In a Twitter post by the brand itself, it shows the new OnePlus 6 will finally get water resistance. This is one feature people have been asking for long. Now it seems OnePlus has finally decided to include water resistance to arsenal of their impressive specs. Pete Lau the CEO and the Brand itself has been touting the new feature since few days on Twitter with animations and posts. It is confirmed that OnePlus 6 will have water resistance through the IP rating is not revealed.

#5 Fast Charging

The Dash Charger, proprietary technology of OnePlus is among the fastest charging technologies in the smartphone market. OnePlus 6 is surely coming with the new improved Dash Charge technology for faster charging. Leaks do suggest for a glass back which will sort of bring wireless charging that coupled with Dash Charging can give way to a newer and faster wireless charging technology.

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#6 Android Oreo 8.1 and Gestures

OnePlus will come with the latest version of Oxygen OS build on Android Oreo 8.1. Oxygen OS comes with a lot of gestures that can make your user experience faster and easier to access certain apps. Additionally, the newer version of the OS will come with gestures in a tweet by the brand. We can expect new gestures to be added as the features it teased by official OnePlus twitter handle.

We are excited of the upcoming device and it seems promising. Though OnePlus 6 price can see a hike going by the trend of OnePlus, it will still be one of the great value smartphones.

So, are you guys excited about the specs and features of OnePlus 6?

Or you wanted some more in the new OnePlus 6?

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