About Me

Hello I am Sinchan, a techie by interest and blogger by passion. Get all the price lists for your favorite tech before you buy.Here you will find all about Technology around and insight of your favorite Tech. Tech is one of favorite topics that excites people and make them know more about.


I will try to get deep into each aspect and find out the easiest way to put forward technical jargon in words understood by common people. Love tech? Then come join me in discussing the latest trends in the tech world and how well it is enhancing our lives. Daily tech updates and Reviews to keep you with the track of latest happenings around the tech world. And if you need suggestions for best apps and games, be sure to tune in for regularly updated lists.


As our world is moving fast and technology getting smarter, our older generation find it a little difficult to keep up with the pace. I face it daily with my mom or my grandfather getting stuck sending a message or finding it difficult to check their bank details. I will include simple tips and steps that can help our older pillars to get smarter easily and keep pace with the fast moving technology. Tech is a part of our everyday life but healthy living is something you must learn for a peaceful and healthy living. Especially our elderly people and our kids need a better living. Follow my blog on geriatric mental wellness. And if you want to know what I do all day, follow me personally and see inside my foodie nature and travel enthusiastic with deep insight in world news, sports and lifestyles. 


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