Apple to launch new iPhone at Rs 35,000 in India

Apple to launch new iPhone at Rs 35,000 in India

In recent reports, Apple is rumored to launch new iPhone at Rs 35,000 in India very soon. This would mean iPhone can be affordable finally in India. In an earlier article, we had reported Apple is planning to manufacture iPhones in India locally. Coming after this report it can be a reality for Apple to launch an iPhone at Rs 35,000.

At a time when brands are getting competitive in Indian markets based on price. Apple has to get down the premium prices to be successful in the Indian market. Locally making iPhones can gradually bring down the price of the new devices. The new device is expected to bear similarities to the iPhone X but with some changes underneath the hood. We are not sure the exact specs of the expected iPhone.

iPhone has always been a premium device for the users in India. This can make iPhone very competitive with the likes of OnePlus. Apple with its brand value and quality behind its back can be a great device for the price it is rumored to launch in India.

Expected Specification of the cheap iPhone

iphone x

You like it or not the new cheaper iPhone will most probably support the infamous notch display. It means if we are to believe the rumors, Indian consumers can finally experience the iPhone X display at a price one-third of the price of the iPhone X. The iPhone will support the likes of a new and improved camera, a new version of iOS and others. However, we expect A11 to continue as the powerhouse on the cheaper iPhone.

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A11 is among the fastest processor on any mobile device and it continuing as the processor on the cheaper model won’t be a matter of concern. The camera sensor can remain similar to the iPhone SE or might be closer to iPhone 7. If it turns out to be true, honestly we won’t be disappointed at all.

At Rs. 35,000 honestly there will be no reason to complain by the users. At this price point with Apple’s trust and quality, it can be a stellar deal. It will also provide a healthy competition in the market. Finally, if Apple can get the pricing right, it can begin a trend of Apple being a brand for people and not only for elites.

All this is although speculation and rumors, we are not sure of the exact details. But it is an exciting news for every Tech enthusiast. It can open doors for more iOS users in the country and build a community where Apple is not only an elite brand.

Will you welcome the new iPhone at Rs 35,000 or believe lower price can diminish the Apple’s value?

Do share your opinion with us.

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