Apple To Start Manufacturing iPhone 6s Plus Locally In India Within 2 Weeks

Apple To Start Manufacturing iPhone 6s Plus Locally In India Within 2 Weeks

Apple will soon start manufacturing iPhone 6s Plus locally in India. Apple lovers in India can expect a price slash of 5-7% from this decision. The iPhone 6s Plus is Apple’s one of the most successful device according to sales in India. Price slashes on iPhone 6s Plus will set it at par with OnePlus, the affordable flagship.

Oneplus 5 and 5T were one of the bestselling flagship grade smartphones in India the previous year. Now Apple’s decision to start manufacturing locally in India will bring the price close to OnePlus models. With Apple’s fan following and brand value, it is likely to be a tough competitor in the market. However, the price is a big decision making factor for Indian consumers. India is a very price sensitive market where most buyers will look for quality and value other than premium. This is the reason, Xiaomi the most affordable smartphone brands have been pulling the might Samsung down with its value of money ratio.

iPhone 6s Plus though an older generation iPhone is still among one the top flagships even after years. The iPhone 6 series single-handedly contributes to 1/3 of the sales of the total iPhone in India. With the demands still handsome in Indian markets. And the rise of customs duties on Smartphones from 15%-20%, Apple’s decision to manufacture iPhone 6s Plus locally in India is a welcome move.

Where Is Apple Manufacturing iPhone 6s Plus in India?

According to a report in Economic Times Apple has decided to trial run production of iPhone 6s Plus from a plant in Bengaluru owned by Wistron. Wistron is the manufacturing contractor for Apple iPhones in India that has been making the iPhone SE models from the plant in Bengaluru.

Though not all parts will be available locally as of now, they are to be imported from China and assembled here out of the Bengaluru plant. Apple has also brought in Salcomp based out of Tamil Nadu to make the adapters and chargers for iPhone 6s plus. And Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology based out of Bengaluru to handle the packaging.

Experts suggest Apple could start making the SMTs and other components locally in India to further lower the price. However, it will take a longer time to get things running smoothly but that start is welcoming in India. India is among the top buyers of smartphones. Apple making the most popular smartphone, iPhone locally can boost the overall smartphones markets in the favor of Indian consumers.

What is the Benefit of Apple Manufacturing iPhones Locally in India to Consumers

According to the sources at ET, we can expect a price slash of 5-7 % on the iPhone 6s plus. It will make it one of the most affordable flagships in the market. Competing with the like of OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi High-end phones. Apple can expect to move closer to the competition following its brand’s presence and popularity of iPhones among Indians.

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iPhone SE that is already a part of Apple’s manufacturing in India was able to avoid the duty high effects. Interestingly it constitutes around 15% of the total iPhones sold in India. Although, iPhone SE was not a major success in the world market. India sales figures show lower price iPhones do sell like hot cakes. It is the reason iPhone 5s is still selling in the markets for the lower price and the Apple branding.

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Our Take on Apple’s Decision to Manufacture iPhone Locally in India

Making iPhone affordable gives an option for many new users to try iPhones for the first time. If Apple wants people of India to embrace iPhone like it did to OnePlus or Xiaomi. Price has to be the main focus for Apple. Manufacturing in India is the first step towards Apple trying to enter into the Mid-Range segment of Indian smartphone market. Earlier Apple had placed itself as the premium brand but latest induction of OnePlus and Xiaomi has made Indian consumers to look for value rather just premium and brand value.

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