The Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboard For Gamer and Typist

The Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboard For Gamer and Typist

Mechanical keyboards are expensive, however, there is a Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboard For Gamer and Typist within ₹2600/$40.

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Today let us have a look at the best affordable mechanical keyboard in details and know why mechanical keyboards are so hyped in the pro-industry.

Mechanical keyboards are little different from the membrane ones we use on your laptops or keyboards mostly in the way the keys actually work. On a membrane, keyboard the key strikes against a rubber pad called domes or membrane that has spikes which then registers the keystroke on a plastic electric panel. However, in the mechanical keyboards, each key has a separate key underneath with a spring. When you press a key, the stem of the key pushes against a spring and strikes the electric panel registering the keystroke and the spring then pushes the key in position.

In other words, typing on a mechanical keyboard feels more satisfying and provides you feedback to let you know if the key is actually pressed. On the other hand on a membrane or the chicklet keyboard the feedback is minimum and thus while typing fast you may miss the keystrokes. In addition, the membrane keyboard has a rubber pad that runs along the keyboard’s length and regular pressure on the membrane wears it out easily.


That is not the case with mechanical keyboard, the keys are separate and have a physical button with stem and spring that can give you real long lifespan for the keys. Moreover, for some reason if you wear out particular keys you can replace them individually. However, on a membrane keyboard you need to replace the whole rubber pad even if one key wears out.

One argument that favors the membrane keyboard is the initial cost. A membrane keyboard is cheaper to produce on a mass scale and thus a lot cheaper than the mechanical ones. This will, however, turn out false in the long run as the mechanical keyboards have a longer lifespan of keys.

What are the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have their share of benefits for the users who spend a lot of time typing or gaming. It even helps you increase your speed and accuracy on the keyboard. Most professional writer and gamers swear by mechanical keyboards. Being a mechanical keyboard user myself, I know why they always prefer mechanical keyboards to the others. I own a TVS Gold Bharat, one of the oldest mechanical keyboards made in India. I have seen my father and uncle use these keyboards and they still work just the same. They have such long lifespan; you can pass it on to your kids after you.

  • Long key lifespan: TVS Bharat Gold is rated for over 50 million keystrokes
  • Tactile feedback while typing: mechanical keyboards provide a very satisfying tactile feedback while typing
  • Minimum wear: mechanical keys have very less wear and tear over longer period of time typing on the keyboard
  • Low replacement cost: you can easily replace individual keys if you wear it out owing to heavy usage
  • Faster and reliable typing: mechanical keyboard provides a very reliable feedback while typing on the keyboard. It can considerably increase your typing speed and efficient
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My choice of affordable mechanical keyboard TVS Gold Bharat


If this your first-time experience with a mechanical keyboard I suggest you go for the TVS Gold Bharat. One of the best affordable mechanical keyboard you can currently find on the market. Priced around ₹ 2600 / $40 it provides ultimate value for your money.

Mechanical keyboards come with different type of switches Cherry switches being the most used and popular keys. Cherry MX switches are known for long life and a tactile typing experience. Cherry MX Blue switches are known for their long life and smooth typing experience. I have been using this keyboard for my typing every day for around 10-12hrs a day. My experience with the keyboard is very satisfying, I can highly recommend any gamer, and typist to get this keyboard without a doubt.

The keys are very tactile and provide a very satisfying feedback while typing. I have noticed a considerable increase in my typing speed while using the keyboard. Being mechanical the force needed to press the keys are very less thus putting very little pressure on the fingers. You can easily type for hours straight on the keyboard. In addition, as every key is separate you can easily feel the keystrokes making it a more reliable typing experience.

Let me give you a detailed overview of pros and cons of the keyboard to help you decide if you need this best affordable mechanical keyboard or not.


Cherry MX Blue switches TVS-Gold-Mechanical-Keyboard


  • Cherry MX Blue Switches: these are one of the most used mechanical switches that are known to last long. You will know an MX Blue from the clicky sound it makes while typing. These keys will last over 50 million strokes and are very tactile. It makes for a great companion for people who type or game for long hours.
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  • Build quality: this has to be one of the heaviest and sturdy keyboards I have ever come across. It’s built like a tank and does not move on your desk no matter how hard you press the keys. The keys are placed at a convenient distance for fast and accurate typing. You get full 104 keys with laser printed key heads that do not wear out with usage. The cable is of good quality and sufficiently long for most pc setups.


  • Value for money: this has to be the best value for money keyboard you can buy. It has the original cherry switches that make it one of the cheapest MX Blue keyboards in the market. For the price of only ₹2500/$40, it has to be a must buy for every typist or gamer who need a mechanical keyboard for the increased productivity.


  • Ergonomics: though many will say it is not one of the most ergonomic keyboards, which I completely agree. However, considering the price point this keyboard is satisfactorily comfortable for typing for long hours. I use it almost every day for over 10hrs of typing. For the sole purpose of typing, this has to be the best affordable mechanical keyboard on the market.


  • Low maintenance cost: as each key is different if one of the keys wears out you can replace the key individually at low cost. Repair and replacement cost is very low compared to the membrane counterpart.






Although I wouldn’t consider it as cons given the price point of the keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. You can consider these points if it really matters a lot to you and your usage.

  • Loud clicky noise: this is however loved by typist and gamer, it might not be suitable for every environment. The keys make a loud clicky noise while typing that can be disturbing to the nearby person and may not be suitable for office usage


  • No multimedia shortcuts or extra buttons: as I had said earlier, this one is for those who want productive and not fancy features. It has a full sized 104 keys that are enough for most typist and gamer.
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  • No wrist rest: I had mentioned it above, I wouldn’t complain about this much due to the price point. Having it though might have been the best thing for long hours of typing.


  • Not for the fancy gamer: it won’t be the best keyboard for a fancy gamer who love to have RGB lights and all the fancy stuff on their keyboard. Simple, clean and serious looking keyboard best suited for the work it is intended for.

My overall opinion

Cherry MX Blue switches TVS-Gold-Mechanical-Keyboard

If you have never used a mechanical keyboard before, order it right away. You are missing a lot of the good things that mechanical keyboard can give you compared to other types of keyboards. Not only it will last for years, it will also increase your typing speed and accuracy considerably.

It may sound to be a costly choice for people who have never used a mechanical keyboard before. However, trust me from the experience I can assure you it is totally worth every penny. It comes with the Cherry MX Blue switches that are one of the most popular and trusted types of switches. The same keys in a Razor or Microsoft body cost more than thrice the price of TVS Gold Bharat. It is probably the best affordable mechanical keyboard for gamer and typist within ₹2600/$40.

You may want multimedia membrane keyboards that look better and comes at a lower price. However, keep in mind maintenance cost on a membrane keyboard is much higher than a mechanical keyboard. It is simply because, in the mechanical keyboard, the keys are separate and individually replace each of them. Whereas in the case of membrane keyboards, you have to change the entire dome/rubber pad if one of the dome/ spikes wears away.

I hope this review was helpful for you to decide on buying a new keyboard. Do not forget to drop in the comments if you have any query and share your experience using this keyboard. I am sure my suggestion will help you experience typing and gaming in a more fun and enjoyable manner. I will have my affiliate links for the keyboard for you to buy online.

See you soon my awesome buddies, take good care.


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