Best Flagship Smartphone You can Buy for a Mid-Range Price- OnePlus 6 Fanboy Review

Best Flagship Smartphone You can Buy for a Mid-Range Price- OnePlus 6 Fanboy Review

You no longer require to shed $1000 dollars to get a flagship-grade smartphone in the current competitive market. You can rather get a high-end device for $500/ Rs 35,000. Mid Range devices like the OnePlus 6 provide one of the best value for your money. Powered by the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 which power most of the flagship smartphones.

Brands like OnePlus, Honor, Xiaomi are fighting hard to be the flagship killers in the current price-sensitive markets. Yes, there always be a market for Apples and Samsungs but value for money is a determinant that is becoming a strong purchase decider in recent times.

Here comes the opportunity for manufacturers like the OnePlus, Honor, Xiaomi and others to make a name for themselves in the competitive market. To be honest I vouch for a Mid Range device ahead of the flagships simply cause of their better price to value ratio.

oneplus 6 best flagship Mid Range devices are in no way lesser performer than the double priced Flagships. Yes, you can get more brand value for the sake of argument.

But at the end, you will not be getting double the value for spending double the money comparing a Mid Range to a Flagship. I have no personal grudge over the $1000 phones in general, but they are ridiculously not value for the money you are shedding.

I always want consumers to get the best value for their hard earned money, so my advice is getting the device that offers the best value for your bucks.

From the Google Pixel 2 to the Samsung S9(Some countries have the Exynos variant). To be fair, not all the devices are equal in terms of features and performance. They all do thing differently but at the heart of them lies the same processor.

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Mid Range Devices that are Exciting Choice Currently in the Market

There is a vast range of Mid Range devices in the market that it gets overwhelming to choose the one that suits you. But you should understand the basic few requirements of a device to be  Flagship grade before classifying them to the level of flagship smartphones.

I say to people always a simple logic, brands manufacture Flagship devices to showcase their technical superiority and the best device they can make. Flagship smartphones are always the best devices of the brand.

Look at the brands like Samsung which make a ton of devices but they have only one series of smartphone that is a flagship. That effectively means their best smartphones are the ones that are higher priced due to their technological advancements and efforts these brands take to make such devices.

On the other hand brands like OnePlus manufactures one device that is also their high priced device. When a brand charges the highest price for one of their devices they ensure you get the best from the brand.

oneplus 6 cheapest flagshipIt works the same for every brand in the smartphone market. If OnePlus make the best device, it has to be the best the company has to offer.

For OnePlus their device is their ‘Flagship’ and not a Mid-Ranger. Adding to the fact that the parts and technological advancement are similar for every brand in the market.

You get the best OnePlus device the brand has to offer with their best in class technological advancements. It can be termed a Mid-Range device in terms of Samsung but that does not concern OnePlus as a brand.

Do not hate me for using OnePlus and Samsung brands for this comparison. These two are just examples of considering these two are one of the most popular brands in the world.

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Best Mid-Range Devices to Currently Buy in the Market

Among the cluster of Mid-Range devices, let us look at few of the top choices currently available in the market.

OnePlus 6 the Best Flagship for Mid Range Price

You knew it, I had been bragging about OnePlus from the first para itself. Honestly, it is no brainer for anyone looking for the best device at the price point.

best flagship to buyOnePlus has always been delivering the best performance which will give the double priced flagships a run for their money. I personally will never mind using OnePlus as a daily driver as a very heavy and advanced user. I am sure many users will agree with me on this.

We all know about the specs but let us talk what difference it actually makes for a user. For sake of reference just a roundup about the specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor
  • 6GB/8GB RAM
  • 6.28″ AMOLED Display with a ‘Notch’ with Gorilla Glass 5
  • 20MP + 16MP Primary and 16MP Front Camera
  • 3300 mAh battery with Dash Charger
  • Android 8.1 Oreo

It can easily handle anything you throw at it with ease. With the best in class processor, it can handle any intense task like gaming, editing on the go without any issue.

Every top-level smartphone uses this processor as it is best in class and can handle the most intense of tasks. Consider it like the i9 processor in computers which will surely make a life lot easier if you are someone who needs a lot of processing power.

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Why Will I Personally use OnePlus 6 as my Daily Driver (Pros and Cons)

best flagship to buy at cheap priceThe biggest reason is the performance and power of the device. I won’t be discussing the pros and cons separately because you might have already seen tons of videos or blogs on the same. Let’s be bit different and more realistic here in discussing why it is the best phone I personally will feel excited to use every day.

  1. OnePlus 6 is a very snappy and smooth device to work on with the Oxygen OS and its nifty yet lag-free customizations. It is probably the best version of custom OS currently in the market that is closest to stock Android experience. To the surprise of people like us, who tend to be critical of tech, I will prefer Oxygen OS to the Pixel OS or the stock Android on a Pixel. Not to take anything away, stock Android is my favorite OS on a mobile device but the nifty features of Oxygen OS and its snappiness is a pleasure to use.
  2. The 6GB/8GB RAM present on this device is insanely useful for power users like us. At any given time we have over 30 apps running in the background and jumping around them frequently. The extra gigs of RAM make a difference on the device that keeps almost all the apps running in the memory. Memory management on OnePlus 6 is nothing sort of being the best in any class.
  3. The Display is impressive considering the price point. Yeah, you may brag about a 4Kdisplay on Galaxy S9 Plus but on the smartphone scale of displays, it won’t make any difference in the day to day usage. On the other hand, using a Full HD( it is called a Full HD+ because of the new aspect ratio but similar to a Full HD Panel) Panel improves the battery life considerably. I will any day take a better battery life than a marginally better display.
  4. The Dash Charger is one of the fastest chargers in the market. It is the one thing I cannot tradeoff with any device on the market. The flexibility of getting your device juiced up to 100% in around 1hr 25mins. The battery life, on the other hand, is excellent in my opinion. Yes, it is not the best but it is enough for even a power user.
  5. The Overall feel of the device is very premium and genuinely sturdy. You will like the feel of the device the first time you have it in your hands. ‘Notch’ is still a debatable topic but I definitely like the option to hide it in OS.
  6. As I am talking about the Flagship experience in Mid Range price I have to fair it against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the Google Pixel XL2 and not the iPhone X. Let us stick to Android for fair judgment. iPhone X is rather altogether a separate topic to discuss. “Spoiler: stay tuned for my Rant on the increasing prices of smartphones in the next article”. So,

Why not will I use the Galaxy S9 Plus or the Pixel 2 XL comparing to OnePlus 6

best flagship for money

  1. The PRICE, yes you knew my first reason would be the price. I am among those “reviewers” who will always judge a device on the basis of Price. Yes, both of these are great devices with their own great features. I would have loved to use any one of them without an issue. Until OnePlus 6 arrived on the market. At around half the price OnePlus 6 offers similar performance and stability.
  2. I love Samsung for their best displays in the market but their battery life is terrible. The Pixel 2XL, on the other hand, has already shown signs of the display burn. It is not a very likely fault you can expect from a premium device like the Pixel 2 XL. Nevertheless, Pixel 2XL is probably a generation older to the OnePlus 6 and Galaxy S9 Plus but has the best camera on a smartphone on the planet. Pixel 2 XL is the software marvel of this generation of smartphones. The software experience on thing is insane. The phone feels like having a mind of its own to be the best on the software front. Noticeably, Pixel 2XL users have reported slowing and lagging of their devices. Even experts like MKBHD reported the similar kind of issue with his device. It is not the case with even the older generation OnePlus 5 which still runs fairly smooth.
  3. I can buy myself a good case, screen protector ( cause I am a skeptic), some good pair of Bluetooth headphones and still have money left for dinner. OnePlus 6 does have a headphone jack if you were wondering me getting a Bluetooth pair of headphones. I prefer the wire-free and tangle free music listening experience.
  4. Lastly, OnePlus 6 does not skimp on anything that I cannot live without. Yes, it does not support wireless charging, but that is not something I bother much. It is not IP Certified which is the only tradeoff for me that I feel with the OnePlus 6. Yeah, the camera on Pixel 2 XL is insanely good, but OnePlus 6 cameras are not bad either. Honestly, every camera is bad compared to the Pixel 2 XL camera. Galaxy S9 Plus and OnePlus 6 cameras perform quite similarly with OnePlus 6 having a little edge over it in terms of details.
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I think I have done enough to save you some bucks while you go for purchasing a new smartphone right now. There are other devices in the price range too that I want to talk about. But most of the things will be a comparison of the device with OnePlus 6 performance in mind.

oneplus 6 best flagship

With not a single doubt I will strongly recommend OnePlus 6 to anyone who cares for my views. It is the best smartphone you can buy currently on the market. If you want to buy one check OnePlus 6 out on Amazon as it is an Amazon exclusive device in India:- affiliate linkfor US Audience, you can buy them from the official OnePlus US Store Link.

I admit I sound fanboyish but it is my honest opinion. I want every consumer to get the best value for their money and spent only what you need. You must know what you get for the hard earned money you just paid to the brand.

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Every business unit is looking to get that cash out of your pocket to theirs. Only being aware and educated about the products will make you a smart consumer.

You should always choose the best possible option for the money you pay. I have nothing against the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or the Pixel 2 XL, but they are simply not as value for money as the OnePlus 6.

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is one of the top level smartphone with everything of flagship quality. But the price tag on the device is around $840 which is $300 more than what a base OnePlus 6 variant.

OnePlus 6 is an overall very balanced and powerful device with premium looks and power. It has to be the device every tech enthusiasts and smartphone lover for the price you get something punching above the weight. With full confidence, you cannot go wrong with the OnePlus 6.

You can buy one for yourself from Amazon India following the affiliate link. For US customers follow the US OnePlus Store.

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Please let me know if you agree with me or you have a different opinion, in the comments below.

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