CHKOKKO Mercury M2 IPX5 Cheap Bluetooth Sports Headset Review

CHKOKKO Mercury M2 IPX5 Cheap Bluetooth Sports Headset Review

Bluetooth sports headphones are in trend these days for their comfort and user-friendliness. Most branded Bluetooth sports are expensive and weaker in the battery department.

I got the headphones after a bit of research. It is very comfortable, the design is cool and overall quality is worth the price. I am a bass lover and this headphone will suffice most bass lovers taste.

I got the headphones on a Deal for Rs 1699 which in my opinion is justified.

CHKOKKO Mercury M2 IPX5 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


  • Looks really cool and trendy.I got the black ones, which looks cool in my opinion with the red accents.
  • Very lightweight, the whole body is plastic and light, you will barely feel them in your ears.
  • Battery life is really great around 6-7 hours with 50-70% volume
  • Impressively loud, I had to keep the volume close to 50-70% as the headphones are really loud
  • Bass is punchy
  • Hook design makes it sit very securely on the ears and does not fall off during running or workouts
  • Sweatproof, which is the essential part of sports headphones
  • Wire seems to be of decent quality


  • A better button for play pause and volume
  • More color options
  • More clarity in the mids


My Suggestion

Has a bassy sound signature which not everyone will like. It is advised to adjust the equalizer on your device before you complain about the headphones.

Overall WORTH the price if you are looking for a sports headphone under Rs 2000

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