How to Delete WhatsApp Text After It Is Sent

How to Delete WhatsApp Text After It Is Sent

Yes! Now you can delete WhatsApp text even after it is sent to the receiver. Weren’t you all waiting for this feature to go live? I was waiting for sure and finally, it is here.

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The feature all have been waiting for ages is finally launched in the new update of WhatsApp. No more embarrassing situations after you send an unintended to someone. You can delete WhatsApp text after the text has been sent and delivered to the contact you didn’t intend to.

How many times we have faced the awkward situation where we accidentally sent a text that was intended for a friend but reached your parents or your boss. I have faced a really embarrassing situation when I accidentally texted my mom some bad joke that was intended for my friend. We all have some time in our time on WhatsApp has this accidental fails. Sometimes we got away with a laugh but in many instances, people have faced serious issues for such mishaps.

Let us look at the live-saving, relationship-saving and job-saving trick that can save your life. (: P) The best part of this trick is that it can even delete a text after the recipient reads it. So you can use this feature to send documents and images that can be deleted once the recipient has read it. Sound like the self-destructing messages of Mission Impossible. Isn’t it?

Follow me step by step and thank me later.

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Text after It Is Sent

Step 1 Make sure your WhatsApp App is updated

whatsapp updated versionFor this trick to work, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp that is 2.17.395. If you still haven’t updated your WhatsApp it’s the right time you do it right away. Beware of downloading any fake application from any third party links. Make sure you only download the latest version of app store only.

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Step 2 Type a text to any contact you do not want to send the text

delete WhatsApp text after sent

Make sure you do not type something explicit in the first instance itself. Try it out with your friend or family first to confirm that it is working. For explanation, I am typing a text to my secondary number and then I will show you how can delete it after it is sent to the recipient.

Step 3 Press and hold the particular text

delete WhatsApp text after sent

Press and hold the particular text to enter into the options mode. Make sure you are in the chat and you have selected the text you want to delete.

Step 4 On the top right press the bin icon

delete WhatsApp text after sent

Once you have selected the text you want to delete, press the bin option on the top right area. Pressing the bin option will open few options for you to select the particular action that you want to perform for the selected text.

Step 5 Select Delete for Everyone from the option

delete WhatsApp text after sent

Choose “Delete For Everyone” from the option and you will see a message saying “you deleted the message”. The recipient, on the other hand, will see a similar message saying, “this message was deleted” in place of your earlier text.

delete WhatsApp text after sent delete WhatsApp text after sent

That’s all you need to do to make sure you never face any awkward or embarrassing situation every again for unintentional sending of text. It’s very simple and does not require any advanced options to avail this feature. You just need to have the lasted updated version of WhatsApp that I mentioned in the earlier part of the article. If your App has not received an update yet, you have to wait for a while as it gets to every android device.

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I am sure this small guide can come in real handy for those unavoidable situations where your life is at stake (pun intended). I really welcome this feature as sharing private documents become more secure on this version of WhatsApp.

Be Aware

Oh, I forgot to warn you all of a situation where you might be fooled by this feature. In case, you had sent the text to someone unintended and he/she reads it and captures a screenshot of the same. Then it might be a cause of privacy breach and you might still be vulnerable. So make sure you use this feature sensibly and always keep in mind, nothing is full proof in the technology world as yet.

Every technology has its own share of flaws and loopholes. You still have to be cautious while sending sensitive documents to persons on WhatsApp.

Let me know in the comments if you faced any issue with this trick and how it saved you from a difficult situation. You can also share some funny incidents where you had to land into an embarrassing situation cause of the absence of this feature in the earlier versions of WhatsApp.

Be sensible and use it cautiously. I will see you guys again. Take care Buddies.

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