This blog is all about Consumers and giving them the opportunity to have the power to bargain. Utmost care is taken to provide the best suggestions and current price list for products. But as the market is very dynamic, prices fluctuate quite frequently. Keeping that in mind the price links are hyperlinks for online stores to check the latest price and other offers at that particular time.

All the links provided in the price lists are affiliate links and it would be very much appreciated if you can buy the particular product from the hyperlinks. It gives commission on every purchase that keeps this blog running and cover up the cost. For you, it’s free to buy from the links but in return, you power this blog.

All the reviews are presented from a consumer point of view keeping in mind the user experience. I look to provide the best insight of a gadget or tech from an end-consumer point of experience. My main motive is to educate about the actual scenario while using a particular product.

If you need any price list specifically send to you personally, drop a mail through the contact form. I will send you a doc file of the list for you to download and printout so that next time you decide to buy a product you have a rough idea of the pricing.

Let us help each other to become smart consumers and so that the brands cannot fool us.

Be Smart Save Smarter

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