Are Fitness Trackers Necessary for Kids Physical Development

Are Fitness Trackers Necessary for Kids Physical Development

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Are fitness trackers necessary for kids to keep them on their fitness goals? I personally believe using a fitness tracker can help you keep track of your body’s fitness. This is very helpful to keep yourself informed of your fitness levels and push harder.

And if you have some weight loss goals, these trackers can help you keep yourself up for the target goal. It even measures the number of calories you burn and sleep you get every day. Nutritionists always have focused on the importance of sleep on the body’s health.

Luckily, you can measure your sleep patterns easily and conveniently using these simple devices tied to your wrist.

For those of you who somehow missed the technological headway, lets first know what these fitness trackers are.

Fitness Trackers

fitbitFitness trackers are watch-like devices that are smaller than the watches and worn on the wrist. These small devices house very useful components like accelerometer, pedometer, sleep tracker, optical sensors, heart rate monitors, some even has a GPS tracker and many other such components.

Every sensor has different function and every other tracker is different in the way they collect the information from the sensors. Let’s leave the sensors functioning for other days, let me in comments if you wish to know more about the actual functioning of the trackers. I will try to cover them in later articles.

As you have already known these devices are like small computers sitting on your wrists. I forgot to mention, they have a battery too, and if you were wondering, how they run. Most of the trackers come with a manufacturer specific charger, which can be used to charge up the device.

garmin vivosmart hrIn most cases, these devices last quite a long time on single charge. These trackers are meant to be worn for a long time and thus made very light for them to be comfortable throughout the day’s work.

Many parents are worried about the fitness of their kids and complain about them getting lesser sleep. Using these trackers can actually help you to monitor your kid’s physical health and make sure he stays fit.

Even your kids will be sure of their health and it will keep them motivated to work out to stay fit. I love the trackers as motivating devices, which keeps you motivated with daily goals. In addition, you get the detailed record of your calories burned or miles run, which is rather satisfying.

Why Kids Should Use It

As every fitness enthusiast or even teens willing to know about their body’s fitness, these trackers are a must. They are small without causing any trouble staying on your wrist. Most of the trackers are waterproof, so you do not need to take them off every time you wash your hands.

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fitbit charger 2You can leave it on your wrist and even sleep with it on to track your sleep pattern. Just sync with the respective app and it will show all the data collected throughout the day.

You can then analyze and make newer fitness goals to achieve. I believe every kid should have one of these for them to know about fitness and get into it from an early age. Workout and Fitness activities are habits every kid must inculcate to reduce the worldwide problem of obesity.

It is thus the duty of parents to gift their kids a fitness tracker and motivate them to go out and run. You are not required to get monthly passes for fancy gyms, a simple run or jog every day might be enough for the kids to have a healthy life.

MOOV-nowMoreover, these trackers are made keeping in mind all kind of wrist sizes, thus making it easy to wear. It can even work as a style statement for your school goer or college goer. Most of the trackers are like small wristbands with a small device in the center that records data from the wrist.

It is designed to be worn for a longer period thus; quality trackers have very comfortable design and soft material. Mostly rubber is the choice of material for the bands as they are waterproof. This adds to the functionality as if your child is into swimming he can wear it to practices and know his daily performance.

What Are the Benefits for the Kids

We have talked a lot about the uses and why kids should have it. Let us summarise the whole discussion in a zest of the benefits that make it a must-have for the kids. I am putting a lot of emphasis on the kids for a reason; they need to be aware of the body and fitness at an early age. And these trackers my friend will be a blessing in disguise for the youths looking to stay fit.

Track Vital Information about the Body

The first benefit of fitness tracker will be keeping track of daily calorie burned, steps taken, miles run, sleep pattern and heart rate. These are vital signs, which show how fit is your body and give you a direction to plan your fitness goals in a far effective manner.

fitbit appIf you find your sleep pattern to be disrupting and waking up a number of times during sleep. You can try and adjust your time to going to bed and monitor your sleep. Ideally, the best sleeping period is from 10.00 PM to- 6.00 AM.

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Here is an interesting chart that shows the recommended sleep times required according to the age group by the National Sleep Foundation: Sleep Chart. You can follow this chart and make sure you get ample amount of sleep to be productive throughout the day.

Less sleep will make you feel tired and lethargic the whole day. Many researchers have suggested a minimum amount of sleep along with regular exercise can keep you fit and productive for long. If you desire the same, it is best to start using your fitness tracker and make sure you get the appropriate amount of sleep every day.

Along with it make it a habit to walk or run at least 5 miles a day. Many researchers suggest walking close to 10000 steps or 30 mins walk every day can keep you healthy and prevent many diseases. An article in guardian: scientists-recommend-20-minute-daily-walk-premature-death, suggested that a 20 minutes’ walk every day could reduce premature deaths.

Reminding to Walk the Extra Mile

fitbitThus, you know how important walking is for being healthy. Normally we hardly cover 3000-4000 steps each day which is far from the healthy numbers. Here comes the need for a fitness tracker that can remind you about the number of steps you have taken and make you walk a little further. Simple changes in your habits can be of great help to keep your body fit and healthy.

Few things you can start doing today:

  • Wear your fitness band and make sure it is always charged
  • Use a longer route to your office if your office is within walking distance
  • Use stairs in your office rather using the elevators
  • Walk to the farther coffee shop than to the one closer to your house
  • Limit the use of Uber and walk the distance if you can
  • Make sure your car is parked as far as possible for you to walk and cover the distance to car
  • Get up 30 mins early and go for a walk in the morning if you have a very tight daily schedule
  • Sleep at a fixed time every day
  • Do not disturb the body clock that keeps tracks of every activity you do each day
  • Analyse your fitness goals and records every day before sleep to plan next day better

These are few simple yet effective tips that you can try and I am sure you will notice the difference very soon.

Keep Your Calories Count

According to, every average active male of age 19-30 years should have 2600-2800 calories every day. Here is a link to the article: Estimated Calorie Requirements, check this out the amount of calorie you need based on your age and gender and daily activity.

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garmin app calorie countFitness trackers help you keep the count of calories that you burn daily. Using the tracker and the app you can create your own calorie plan to make sure your body calorie count is within limits. You have to enter the food you take daily and it will show you the calorie count of the food. You can use the tracker to make sure you burn the extra calorie you have taken throughout the day.

In addition, you can even track the average calorie you burnt in a single using a simple formula. According to, every mile you walk will burn 100 calories. So using the tracker and the miles you walked you can calculate the amount of calorie you burnt.

You can even use this method to lose weight without sacrificing your diet. Just combine your 30 mins walk with some strength exercises and you will find yourself losing a considerable amount of weight within a year. Here is a link to the article with exact calculation you need for your weight loss goals: How Many Extra Miles do you need to Walk a Day to Lose Weight?.

List of Few Good Fitness Trackers You can Purchase

I hope this article was helpful for people trying to decide on a fitness tracker usage and its importance. It is not just beneficial for kids but could be of great use for adults and older people especially using the heart rate monitor in older people.

heart rate monitor

I now believe you will surely gift your son/daughter a fitness tracker on the next festive season or birthday rather a PlayStation. I will list down few fitness trackers that are useful and provide one of the best trackings. Use the links to buy and let me know your experience.

Let me known if you want a dedicated list of all the fitness trackers that are worth your money, as there are quite a few to be covered separately.

garmins fitness tracker

Moov Now:!NNNN (unique design)

Garmin Vivofit 2: (Small and elegant)

Garmin Vivosmart with Heart Rate: (Decent and Almost Accurate)

Fitbit Alta:!NNNN (Small and great value)

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band:!NNNN (Cheapest)

Fitbit Charge 2: (Best in Class)

Garmin vívofit 3: (2nd Best in Class)

Jawbone UP3: (Stylish)

Mi Band 2:!NNNN (Coming Soon, very popular for price)

See you soon Awesome Buddies, take care and stay healthy.


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