Gatekeeper Halberd Review-The ultimate solution to your PC security

Gatekeeper Halberd Review-The ultimate solution to your PC security

What is Gatekeeper


Gatekeeper is a small proximity sensing device which can provide you the ultimate security to prevent misuse of your PC while you are away from your desk. It also helps you to login to your PC quick and easy without typing your password each time. This small device can solve the issues of unauthorized access to your PC. Works on the principle of Bluetooth technology, it can detect the proximity of the key and lockdowns your PC that can only be accessed with the key or entering the Password.

No more being worried about some else accessing your PC while you forget to lock yours. It can automatically sense the moment you move away from your computer and lock it.

Technical Specifications

  • USB (2.0) Lock and Halberd Key
  • Military grade AES-256 encryption
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10
  • Battery Life 6 months (CR2450 battery)
  • Range 3- 30 feet
  • Bluetooth 4
  • Size/Weight: 50mm x 25mm x 8mm; 10gm

How it Works


You get a small connector and a key that pairs with the connector which connects to your PC. The small connector is a USB connector which can be connected to any USB port. After it is connected, just pair the key using the PC client and it will automatically start working.

The key has the proximity sensor which senses the distance from the connector and acts accordingly. You can set varying levels of sensibility to ensure you get the best security. You can also choose to enable touch log-in which requires you to touch the key to the connector for it to automatically unlock your PC.

What is Inside the Box

Inside the tiny box, you will get the USB connector, the Key, a Battery for the key and a Neck strap to keep the key safe and carry around.

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How to Use the Gatekeeper

how it works

It is very simple to use the gatekeeper and it works on both PC and Mac platforms. Just follow me to set up your Gatekeeper for the first time. Once set, it works its magic automatically.

#1 As soon as you open the box you will find the Connector and the key. Inside you will also get a battery which goes inside the key. Take the key and the battery out, open the battery portion on the key as shown in the image. Insert the battery provided and slide the battery door close.

#2 Connect the USB connector to your computer’s USB port. You can use any of the 2.0 or 3.0 ports on your computer to connect the device.

#3 Once the key and the connector is connected to the USB port, visit here to download the PC client on your computer based on your operating system

#4 Once downloaded and installed the software will ask you to pair the key with the connector. You have to hold the key close to the connector for it to pair.

#5 Next you will be prompted to enter your computer’s password for the key to work. You have entered the password you use to unlock your PC.

#6 It will ask for a pin, you may skip this step if you want the key to automatically log-in to your PC. If you choose the pin, each time you use the key to login to your PC, it will ask for the Pin.

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#7 In the setting menu of the software choose the sensitivity of the key’s proximity or choose the touch to login feature. This step is necessary as it will ensure your key logs you into your PC as soon as the key is within a certain radius. You can adjust the radius of sensitivity as per your requirement. I recommend using the Touch login feature. It ensures that the PC will unlock only when the Key is touched to the connector.

Keep the key without you and move away from the computer to see it automatically locks the PC as soon as you move to a certain distance from the PC.

In addition to automatic functionality of the Gatekeeper key, you can also use the button on the key to trigger Locking of PC. You can configure the same in the setting menu from the PC software.

What other uses you can find of the device

You can also use the device to locate your smartphone using the iOS or Android app that will alert you if you leave your phone behind. This small device can be the solution to your constant fumbling for your smartphone trying to remember where you left it the last time. You can use the App on your smartphone to pair with the key and set the proximity to get alerts.

Where can you Buy it

You can visit the official website of GK Chain to get the latest of their products and software along with news about their upcoming security product which happens to be better for the great device. However, if you want the enterprise pack, it comes at a discounted price right now on the website. You can also choose the official resellers based on your country, they also ship worldwide.

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Single user pack comes for $60

Enterprise pack with 1 year of Subscription come at a price of $761 for five users

Buy here directly from their website:

Key Features of the Gatekeeper

  • Operating distance of 3-30 feet from the connector
  • Automatically lock your computer when you walk away
  • Multiple login options including
  • Auto-Unlock, Touch-to-Unlock, and 2-Factor Authentication
  • Custom lock range setting
  • Auto-updater
  • Patented ranging algorithm
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Encrypted with military-grade AES256 encryption and stored on the computer
  • Credentials are never transmitted over the air

Our Verdict

Our final verdict on the device is very positive and it surely has many possible benefits for PC as well as smartphones users. Considering the size of the device is so small, it sits unnoticeably in the USB port of your computer and does its job automatically. In addition, they also provide industry and office level solutions which in my opinion has the best opportunity in organizations to prevent unauthorized access.

gatekeeper key

In an organization, the Gatekeeper can be the perfect solution for the employees to prevent unauthorized access to others computer and prevent a data breach.

We use the device regular on our master computer and are having a great time worrying less about unauthorized access to our computer. It also allows you to enter complex passwords for your PC and not to worry about entering the complex password every time to log in.

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