How to Protect Your Eyes from Mobile Screen with 10 Best Habits

How to Protect Your Eyes from Mobile Screen with 10 Best Habits

Let us address a rising concern about how to protect your eyes from mobile screen and 10 best habits that can make a difference.

Do read it till the end as it might save your precious eyes.

Blue light or HEV (High Energy Visible Light) is known to disrupt sleep and cause strain to the eyes. To simply fix the effects of mobile phones you can follow a few easy steps and implement them in your daily life. The issue has risen to the point of concern as we are still not aware of our actions that is causing the fire to get wind.

We love customization on our smartphones and one of them being the fonts. Fonts do on the other hand pose a threat to our eyes by putting more strain on them.

Simple actions like changing the font and maintaining an optimum distance while using the mobile phones can greatly help the cause. Before looking out for expensive glasses, there are some very simple techniques that can be implemented in your daily life.

protecting eyes from mobile phonesI will be talking about some must necessary steps that everyone must take care to prevent any major damage. Though studies are not conclusive of the involvement of mobile phones in eye cancers yet. But it does not take away the danger it poses to the overall vision and related issues.

It can cause everyday issues like dry eyes, headaches, neck stiffness, vision blur, increased chance of Myopia and other such vision-related issues. The biggest concern is, we are ourselves responsible for causing all the harm to our eyes and vision.

What can you do to Protect Your Eyes from Mobile Screen

Some simple habits can be the difference between your daily struggle and a healthy vision. It all comes down to, how you use your smartphones in daily life. I will not only talk about the fonts and their influence. I will also share some practical tips that can be life changing for a healthy living.

#1 Limit the Usage of your Smartphone

This is the most mundane advise every expert and even your parents might be saying since your childhood. It is probably the most convenient and practical tip for every user. Mobile phones emit High Energy Visible Light (HEV Lights) which over long exposure can damage your retina.

HEV is also responsible for making your eyes dry and tired. Well, you cannot completely avoid the HEV lights but you can avoid exposure for a long time by limiting your mobile usage.

limit the time of mobile usage to reduce effects of blue lightIf you have the habit of continuously staring at your device to look for texts or scrolling through your social media feeds for hours. It is the time you give up the habit and only use your device only when you actually need it. You can divide your time between using your phone and reduce the ill effects drastically.

To reduce the strain of the powerful HEV lights it is ideal to take short breaks in between of your mobile phone usage to let your eye muscles to rest a bit.

#2 Use the Built-in Blue Light Filter Mode on your Smartphones

The rising concern has prompted the mobile phone makers to introduce features like the blue light filter to reduce the ill effects of blue lights. Night mode or blue light filter mode on your smartphone automatically gives your smartphone screen a yellowish tint to reduce the emission of blue light.

It is built-in your phones but most users do not use it or simply do not know the benefits of the blue light filter. It is available on most Android and iOS devices. If you are still not using the night mode or the blue light filter, you must do it right now.

Head over to your settings and look for the option in your screen or display settings. It will vary with devices but most devices above and with Android Nougat and iOS 9.3 supports this feature. You can program it according to your need to turn the mode on automatically after sunset or at night. It will also help you sleep better and reduce eye fatigue. If you want to know the exact steps of how to implement the mode, read the following guide.

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#3 Make Adjustment to your Font Size and Style

Font Size matter a lot in case of eye strain or any ill effects from using mobile phones. Ensure that you have the font that is comfortable to reading. Smaller fonts tend to cause more strain on your eyes. Considering the mobile screen are smaller and the texts are already shrunk. You need to ensure that the fonts you use are at least medium size according to your device or if you have variable sizes it should be twice the smallest size.

Following this rule will ensure you do not put extra strain on your eyes while trying to read smaller texts. It is advisable to zoom-in on the texts on the web or other places where you find very small texts. Most phones have this feature in the settings that allow you to magnify the screen.

protect your eyes tipsIf you are using customization on your phone that allows a different style of texts, you should adhere to the one that is bold and clear. Avoid using fonts that are light and have tails at the end. Using fonts closer to the Arial are found to be easier on the eyes. The Sans-Serif grade fonts are most likely to be easy on the eyes and provide less strain while reading texts on the screen.

Additionally, font colors also make a difference. It does, however, does not concern most mobile phone users as the text colors are mostly black which is best suited for eyes. Just to keep in mind while you are browsing the web or so, colors like bright yellow or bright blue can cause added strain on your eyes.

#4 Adjusting the Brightness Level on your Mobile Phone

Too bright or too dim display can cause your eye muscles to work hard or get more tired staring at the bright white screen. It is ideal to keep the brightness level close to the light in your surroundings. Mobile phone makers are taking extra measures to address the optimum brightness level on smartphones.

They are not yet there with all the devices but we will soon see manufacturers pushing the new updates to devices to adjust well with the surrounding brightness. We do however have the auto-brightness feature in most devices currently on both Android and iOS. This feature automatically allows the screen to turn bright or dim based on the surrounding light.

adjust the brightness of mobile screen to reduce stress on eyesIt is useful especially when you move from a dark place like to the bright sunny outdoors. The screen automatically turns brighter in the outdoor sunlight to make the texts more visible and readable. This will, in turn, lower the strain on your eyes while reading or using the device.

It is always advisable to make sure this feature is turned on. You may want to adjust the levels according to your liking without depending too much on the machine intelligence. It is, however, a very handy feature to use and it works automatically without you being aware of it happening.

#5 Keeping the Mobile Screen Clean

Keeping your mobile screen clean is one of the healthiest habits you can inculcate in your daily routine. It only keeps the phone hygienic as you touch your phone more than any other thing every day.

You are likely to use your smartphone very often in various environments. It gradually collects dust and germs from all the place it has been with you. It is more likely that you won’t be washing your hands each time you handle your phone.

Not only it is good for hygiene but also reduces strain on your eyes. A smudgy screen will give you a hard time reading the texts on the screen and hence require more effort from the eye muscles.

We always want our eyes to put only the amount of effort that is required as more pressure will make our eyes tired. It also makes our eyes to work harder to focus and thus strain the nerves. Not a very healthy prospect for your vision.

#6 Using Anti Glare Protection

If you want some added protection from the brightness of the mobile screen, using an anti-glare screen protector is a viable option.

They are not very expensive considering they help to protect your eyes from the damage of using mobile phones. These screen protector act as a diffuser of the bright light that is emitted from the mobile screens.

This, in turn, will put less strain on your eyes and prevent eye fatigue. It will also ensure the harsh light is spread across smoothly by diffusing. You can get some online like here on Amazon or head over to your nearest mobile store.

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#7 Blinking your Eyes Often

protect your eyes tipsBlinking your eyes in between your gaming or chat session on your mobile phones can reduce the level of stress on your eyes drastically. Each time you blink, your eyes get the much-needed break from the constant stress of staring at the mobile screen.

Blinking is mostly involuntary and during our intense gaming or chat session, we become so attentive that blinking is automatically reduced. Lesser blinking means more stress to the eyes and thus long-term effects on your vision.

Blinking also helps your eyes to stay moist that is very necessary for well being of this delicate organ. While staring at the mobile screen we tend to focus a bit more and this intense pressure makes the eyes dry.

Excessive dryness of your eye will need medical attention and require eye drops to keep them moist from outside. Blinking reduces the strain of continuous focusing on the screens and keeps the eyes normally moist.

#8 Position of your Mobile Phone

The position of your phone while using it also plays a vital role in keeping your eyes in good condition. Too low or high can make your neck to work harder to adjust and that can cause headaches and neck sprains.

Neck sprains and headaches are very common among mobile users who tend to look down most of the time while using their mobile phones.

The easiest way to avoid this is to position your mobile phone at the height of your eyes so that you are not bending your neck too much to read the texts.

mobile screen causing headaches and neck painsIt will take time to adjust to this position but it will be worth the try. Cause we keep our head hanging down for a long time while texting or reading on mobile devices.

This, in turn, causes the neck muscles to pull harder and get stiff from overstrain on them. It is advisable to use your mobile phones at an angle that is not very stiff for the neck and at the right height to your eyes.

#9 Splashing Normal Water on your Eyes quite Often

Experts advise using normal water that is not very hot nor very cold to splash your eyes at regular intervals. Doing this will help reduce the strain on your eyes and keep it moist.

It will also relive your eyes from any irritation and dryness that is caused by constant staring on your mobile screens. Eyes are very delicate and taking some precautions can be worth in gold in later years of our life.

Make it a habit to take regular intervals and splash some water onto your eyes to prevent the irritation or dryness of the eyes. It will also ensure your eyes moisture levels are optimum and prevent irritation or redness.

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#10 Using Computer Glasses

This is probably the last resort when you have tried all the above methods but still find your eyes to be dry and irritated quite often.

Computer glasses are expensive and can be worn by even people without prescription glasses. These glasses are made specifically to reduce the ill effects of the HAVs emitted from the mobile screens.

They usually come with an anti-glare coating and a slight yellowish tint to cut the blue lights that are known to cause the major eye issues.

protect your eyes from mobile screensHowever, it is advised to inculcate the above habits along with the computer glasses to have the best possible chance of not damaging your eyes with your own hands (Mobile Phones in your Hands).

Hope this guide was useful to you all and it helped to address a major concern for parents and users being effected with this on daily basis. It is inevitable but we can do our best to cut the harmful effects to a minimum. All it needs is some good habits and sensible thinking.

Do share it with your kids, parents, friends, family and even the unknowns on social media to spread the awareness and prevent any mishap from our negligence.

Be smart, be healthy.

See you guys soon here, do leave some words of appreciation below in the comments. It makes our day.

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