How to Shoot Quality YouTube Videos on Budget

How to Shoot Quality YouTube Videos on Budget

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Expensive gear is not the key to good videos, you can shoot quality YouTube videos on a budget. The way you tell your story makes the videos great. With a bit of practice and tons of video shooting, even a modest range of equipment can get you going. You always have the opportunity to ramp-up your production game with new and updated equipment. If you are starting out and have a decent plan for showcasing your story, you can start out with very little equipment. Use the gear you have at your disposal with just a decent tripod for around $12-15 or Rs. 800 and you are good to go.

Today let’s look at the best gears that can help you get started on YouTube on a budget. These gears will surely give you a lot more control over your production. But the most important gear would be your imagination and storytelling. Even history will tell you great YouTube ers started on very modest gears and crawled up to their current position by hard work.

These days’ smartphones have become very powerful with great cameras. You can use your smartphone for shooting very decent quality footage for YouTube. I would suggest you go with your smartphone before you invest on a DSLR. It is always the best place to start for young creators. I will mainly focus on equipment that will be best suited for your smartphone videography. However, you can use some them along with your DSLR if you have one.

List of Gears to Start YouTube on a Budget

These are best gears that would give you a head start on your YouTube career on a budget.


No one likes a shaky video and thus before anything else, you must get a basic tripod. This won’t cost you much but will be of great use for smooth videos. Ever professional video person will give you this first tip. I will suggest you go to Amazon Basics Tripod; it is a great deal for the price. It is great for starters if you are using Smartphone for shooting.

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I won’t suggest this for heavier cameras and DSLR as it is best suited for lightweights. I personally have used it with OnePlus 5 and other heavier smartphones and it works fine. You can even use point and shoot cameras too with them, but surely not a 5D Mark III with a 70-200mm lens.


Amazon Basics Tripod for Rs. 899 

Photron Tripod Stedy 450 for Rs. 990

ApeCases® Branded 228 Mini Tripod for Rs. 599

Mobilegear Flexible Mini Tripod for Rs. 549

Tripod Mount

Once you have your tripod, you will need a mount to use the smartphone with the tripod. These simple mounts can fit in a large range of smartphones. You have to look out for a sturdy mount with the capability to hold your smartphone. One thing to keep in mind, few smartphone likes Mi Max or Samsung J 7 max won’t fit on all mounts, thus have to look for a specific mount for your device.

tripod mount for smartphones

Aeoss ® Smartphone Mount for Rs. 225


It is obvious to get intimidated with studio lights and fancy stands. However, you can use any light for that matter to light-up your videos. The best free source of light is natural light and if you need some more light for your nighttime shooting, get some budget lights or even use existing house lights. I suggest go for a table lamp with a LED bulb to get the perfect on-point light source. It would be more than enough for you to get well-lit YouTube videos.

table lamp for shooting

Table Lamp (Red) for Rs. 450

Table Lamp (Black) for Rs. 450

Philips Base B22 17-Watt LED bulb (Pack of 2) for Rs. 499

Clip-on Lenses

This might not be the most necessary equipment on the list but can be of great use for little creative shots. These clip-on lenses can be mounted on the smartphone cameras using a clip or a mount in some cases. I prefer the clip style lenses, as they are more versatile to be used with various types of smartphones. On a budget, these can be an interesting addition to your gear.

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clip-on lens

Insasta IN72354 Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit for Rs. 295

Photron Universal Clip-On 3 in 1 Mobile Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Rs. 219

Selfie Stick

If you are someone who still doesn’t own a selfie stick, its time you get one. Not just for taking selfies, but using it to get shots that are more creative. Moreover, if you are planning for a Vlog channel, this might be a good investment for handheld shots. I definitely suggest one for vloggers to have it ready to get quick and great looking shots.

yunteng selfie stick

Yunteng YT 1288 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Rs. 749

Photron Selfie Stick Rs. 449



This is although optional but can come in handy if you shoot many talk show kind videos. We all love the smooth even white background that makes the character to pop out in the videos. To get an even looking backdrop for your videos you need one of these cheap options or a slightly pricey one if your budget permits.

For those, you do not want to spend on getting a backdrop, use any white piece of cloth that is in your home and make a backdrop using strings and hooks. Just make sure the cloth is properly ironed for a smooth and even backdrop.

backdrop for videos

Black Photography Background Backdrop Black Rs. 335

Generic Green BackDrop Background 8×12 Ft for Studio Backdrop Rs. 335

Shopee 8 X12 Ft White Lekera Backdrop Photo Light Studio Photography Background Rs. 425

Plastic Tables or Using White Art Papers

For those of you who wish to have a channel that features many products, getting a white colored table can be a great option. The office tables cost quite a much, so you can go for plastic alternatives. Having a different color other than white can also work in your favor. I would prefer one with a wooden look or a simple solid color to give a different look at the videos.

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Or else you can use your old study table as your shooting table with a white art paper or any colored art paper for that matter. Art papers are big enough and give a smooth background for your products to look interesting.


Unique Gadget Multi-Purpose Color Foldable Wooden Study Table Rs. 825

Foldable Multi-Function Portable Laptop Table Rs. 999

This list would be the best place for you to start your video shooting game on a budget. I will surely post other such articles with other solutions with slightly higher budget and better range of products. Let me know if you want something specific for me to cover and add to the list.

Let me know in the comments if this list helped you get started and share your YouTube story for us to appreciate.

See you soon Awesome Buddies, take care.

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