How to Take Screenshot on Mac Top 7 Ways Using Shortcuts and Utilities Tools

How to Take Screenshot on Mac Top 7 Ways Using Shortcuts and Utilities Tools

Taking a screenshot is sometimes the necessity we come across using our laptops in daily task. Especially for people like us who need to share a lot of information daily. There are many ways to take a screenshot on Mac. But we will look at the easiest and fastest ways of taking a screenshot on Mac using the available tools.

A screenshot is an image file that captures whatever is display on the screen and is sharable like any other image. As the saved file is an image file you can edit it and share with your friends or co-workers in a flash. It is handy, useful and saves a lot of time converting files to shareable medium.

However, not knowing the exact method can be time-consuming and confusing for users. We personally use a lot of screenshots regularly to share the steps like in our How To tutorials and likewise. Screenshots are really useful when you want to copy something from what is display on the screen without the help of any third party software.

We will be talking about Mac in this article, as it constitutes a large number of laptop users on the planet. Mac has a built-in feature to facilitate the flow of your work. In our personal experience, the options to take a screenshot using native apps are endless and works great.

There are many ways that work but we will be discussing only the best and easy method which comes in handy. We will discuss the best methods for your Mac. The best part is we will be using the native features and not any third party apps.

How To Take a Screenshot on Mac

Taking a screenshot is really simple and handy depending on your requirement. You can choose to take a screenshot of the complete screen or even a portion of the current window. It can all be done by a combination of few keys on your Mac Keyboard. There are few built-in Mac apps too for you if you are not in the game to memorize keyboard shortcuts.

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We do find the keyboard shortcuts to be really effective in speeding our task and making it handy to take a screenshot. However, if you do not want to memorize them we have suggestions for you as well. And yeah, we will be only using the apps which your Mac comes with.

How to Take Screenshot of the Whole Screen on Mac

Take Full Screen ScreenShot Mac

You can very quickly take a screenshot of your entire Mac Screen using the keyboard. For taking the screenshot of your entire screen this option is very handy. You have to press all the three keys SHIFT+ COMMAND+3 together to capture the screenshot. You will hear a camera click sound alerting you the screenshot being captured. The screenshot is saved on the desktop.

How to Take Screenshot of a Particular Area on your Screen on Mac

Screenshot of Particular Area of Screen

It works similarly as the earlier command but using this command you can take a screenshot of only a portion of the screen. Pressing the keys SHIFT+COMMAND+4, together will make a crosshair appear that you can drag into a box to select the area to capture. It is very handy when you want to share a particular portion from your screen. You can precisely select the area in a box using the tool for taking a precise screenshot. Just drag the pointer to select the area and release the mouse to save the screenshot as a .png file.

How to Take a Screenshot of a Particular Window on Mac

Take Screenshot of a window

You can take a screenshot of a particular window without using the crosshair to the lineup with the edges. It is easy and more effective to capture a particular window. If you have many windows you can use the Shift+Command+4, when the pointers turn into crosshair quickly press ‘Spacebar’. It will change the pointer to a camera icon to quickly select the window you want to capture. Just place the camera icon on the window and it will turn into a shadow. Click the left mouse button to capture the window you have selected to capture.

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How to Take a Screenshot of any Menu on Mac

Take screenshot of menu on Mac

You can take a screenshot of any menu or menu options on your Mac using the above commands above. Simply use the key combination of Shift+Command+4 and press Spacebar, the pointer changes to a camera icon. This time instead of pointing to a window point to the menu option and press left mouse or on the trackpad to save the screenshot.

How to Take a Screenshot Without Keyboard Shortcuts using Grab Tool

Take screenshot using Grab Tool on Mac

Grab tool is perfect for the users who do not want to memorize the different shortcuts. Grab tool comes preloaded with the MacOS and it a very handy tool for taking a screenshot without having to remember the keyboard shortcuts. You can find the grab tool in the Utilities folder or simply search using the spotlight option on your Mac. Using the grab tool you can take a screenshot of the current screen or a particular window or select particular portion on the screen.

How to Take a Timed Screenshot on Mac

Take Timed Screenshot on Mac

This is one of my favorite feature of the Grab tool. Using this feature you can easily time the tool to take a screenshot after a certain interval. This allows you the time to open a menu or make sure the screen is ready to get the data necessary. You can easily take the time to open the necessary app in time to take the screenshot. The timer runs for 10 seconds and you can adjust the focus of the tool to capture the area of the screen you want. The screenshot will be grabbed and you can enter the name and select the folder to save the file. It will not automatically save the screenshot like in the other methods we discussed earlier.

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How to Take a Screenshot Using Preview on Mac

Taking screenshot using Preview on Mac

Preview is one of the most versatile tools on a Mac, using this tool you can easily and quickly take a screenshot without any keyboard shortcuts and flexing your finger muscles. Search for preview using the Spotlight and click on the File option. You will find three options to take a screenshot from using the tool. You can take a screenshot of the entire screen or a window or use the selection tool to select the particular area to save as a screenshot. It will capture the image and ask for a file name and location to save the captured image. It works just as good as Grab tool but without the timed screenshot feature.

I hope these handy tips and tools will speed up your workflow and help you capture a screenshot with minimum effort on your Mac. If you know some other ways using the native features and apps, do let us know in the comments. We will love to hear from you and share it with our audience.

If you find these tips useful and it helped you in your work, do share the tips with your co-workers and teammates and let us all increase our work efficiency together.

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