Our Pick for Worst Smartphones of 2017

Our Pick for Worst Smartphones of 2017

We all talk about the best smartphones in different categories but have you thought about the worst smartphones of 2017 that we don’t even remember.

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This is supposed to be a fun article and something different from your usual top smartphone list. We will look at the smartphones that launched with a bang but lost out in the crowd or failed miserably. These smartphones are the ones that were either overpriced or over marketed and were not worth the price.


HTC U Ultra

HTC U UltraHTC U Ultra had another major flop from the brand looking to get it good old days back. It had sub-par specs with Snapdragon 821 and a gimmicky secondary display. It was priced at whooping Rs. 59,990, which made it the worst ever value for money device for the year. If I were to give the crown, this would be my winner for the worst smartphones of 2017.

Sony Xperia XA1

xperia-xa1-Recent years have been a nightmare for Sony Xperia smartphones. Xperia XA1 was not a breather for Sony. With an underpowered Helio P20 at Rs 26,990 was not justified by any means. It tried to appeal to the customers with its camera which though was okayish, it drained the battery and heated the phone.

BlackBerry Keyone



It was not a weak device from any point, the biggest reason for rejection was the price tag. Though I personally liked the design with the qwerty keypad it was not worth the price. Keyone came with Snapdragon 625, a mid-range processor. To compare the price, the same processor was in Redmi Note 4 priced at Rs 10,000, unlike the Keyone which was priced at Rs 39,990.

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Asus Zenfone AR

zzenfone AR

At the time of launch, Asus Zenfone AR seemed one of the futuristic smartphones. However, the adaption of AR and optimization of the processors came a little later. With all the techs inside and the higher price tag of Rs 49,999 people preferred to skip the device as not a value for money device.

Oppo F3

oppo_f3Selfie is not everything in a smartphone; Oppo F3 is one of the biggest examples of it. Oppo tried to cash in the selfie craze user base with sub-par specification and high price tag. I do not doubt the selfie camera, but at price of Rs 19990, we have much better choices.

Vivo V5S

Vivo-V5sSimilar to Oppo, Vivo tried to encash the selfie craze with its V5 series of phones or rather every Oppo and Vivo phone. They mostly try to lure the customers into buying their underpowered, low-speced devices for the sake of selfie. With extensive marketing and celebrity endorsement they sold few units but at price of Rs 18990, a sub-par processor and 720p screen doesn’t make any sense.

Kodak Ektra

Kodak-EKTRAKodak tried to carry on their success with cameras to smartphones with a camera-centric device. At the time when devices like Honor, OnePlus, Moto, Xiaomi are providing great camera phone. Along with powerful specs at half the price, this was a wrong move in every direction for Kodak. Not just one of the worst smartphones of 2017, but also biggest flop of 2017.

Yu Yureka Black

Yu-Yureka-BlackThis phone was not a failure in terms of sales. In a report, it speculated of selling over two million handsets. True or not, it was a capable device at good pricing. However, the blow came when it was revealed that Yu had rebranded a Chinese phone. People felt cheated and it lost the appeal to the users.

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LG G6LG G6 was a great device to be very honest. It was a very well round device with decent specs and design. However, it did not sell well for the initial price at which it was launched. At Rs 51,990 it was not appealing especially when devices like OnePlus 5 or Galaxy S8 with infinity display was launched.

Nokia 2

nokia 2Nokia tried to bring in a budget smartphone for the price-sensitive markets. Though it was priced very aggressively, the Snapdragon 212 and 1GB RAM was not even appealing to the ears, let alone usage. Overall Nokia was a big flop trying to come back in 2017. Nokia was disappointing for all fans and Nokia 2 deserved its position in worst smartphones of 2017 list.

iPhone 8


The biggest flop of the year is the iPhone 8. Just after launch, it became an old iPhone following the launch of iPhone X. iPhone 8 plus though appealed a little to the users, iPhone 8 was a flop. Apart from wireless charging and tad bit performance enhancement, it did nothing more than older iPhone 7

I hope this article was fun and interesting about the worst smartphones of 2017. Please do leave your opinions below in the comments and let me know about your pick for the title. Stay tuned to us for more such interesting discussions regularly.


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