How to Play YouTube in Background without Split-Screen for Free

How to Play YouTube in Background without Split-Screen for Free

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I really hate it when I am listening to a song on YouTube and need to quit it to reply to an urgent text. By default, you cannot play YouTube in the background. This drawback is partly covered by the new Android version of android Nougat or Android 7.0. It allows you the most wanted, split-screen feature allowing you to use two apps at same time. However, the sad news is only about 10.6% of the android devices have Android 7.0 and 0.9% has Android 7.1 (Google). So, for the other larger portion of Android users, there has to be some way around.

stream app for youtube background play

Today we will see the best method that can help us play YouTube in the background while using Twitter or browsing the web. The best part is, you get the functionality as YouTube Red but without any cost. This works on the older versions of Android, which makes it just for you all to try it out. This app does not require any rooting and is legitimate to use. Follow me, folks:

Easiest ways to play YouTube in the background while using other Apps

Let us look at the top app that can help you get over an age-old problem. Using this app can give you the freedom to stream YouTube in the background while using other apps. I have personally used these methods until my OnePlus 5 that comes with Android 7.0. I still use Stream app in most cases for its floating widget, which you can get with YouTube Red but this app will get you the feature for free.

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youtube stream while using chromeI am a personal fan of the app and have been using it for quite some time now. This free app is very versatile. You can use this as your online music player too. A free app with features to make things interesting and easier on your Android device. I strongly recommend the app to everyone using an Android device even if you are on the latest Android version. It is very useful for people who like streaming songs from YouTube while using Twitter or browsing the web.

stream genresThis app even allows you the search based on genre, for you to find the style of music you want to stream. Just search the track and the video will start playing on the app. You can simply hit home or use any other app while a widget floats around your screen. Place the widget in a corner and it will continue playing the video in a smaller window floating around the screen.

create playlist on streamNot only it allows you to stream music from YouTube, you can even create a playlist with your favorite songs. I am personally a big fan of this app and am using it for a very long time from the time we were on Android KitKat. It is supported up to the Jelly Bean version of Android, which covers the most range of Android users currently around 87% of the total Android users (Google).

I found this app as the best solution to stream YouTube videos in the background. Do you buddies use any other app? Let me know in the comments and share your feedback using the Stream app.

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See you soon my awesome buddies, take care.

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