Price List of Top 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioners

Price List of Top 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioners

As the summer has set its feet in the country with heat waves and sweaty days. It is time to look at the best Air Conditioner to buy that can help you keep calm and be productive, even when it’s burning outside. The following price list consists of top 40 AC from different brands of capacity 1.5 Tons that is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. All the AC provide great value for your money as well as added functionality. Prices shown can change over time so it is advised to click on the prices to check the latest price, product details and reviews from other users.

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Price List of Top 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioners
Name of the Product
Price Online
1.      Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF, Inverter (White)
2.      Blue Star 3HW18VCU, 3 Star (White)
3.      Blue Star 5HW18ZARTX  5 Star (Red)
4.      Blue Star 5HW18ZCWX, 5 Star (White)
5.      Carrier 18k Esko, 5 Star (White)
6.      Carrier 18K Ester,  3 Star (White)
7.      Carrier 42KGN-018N, 5 Star (White)
8.      Carrier CACS18SU3C3, 3 Star (White)
9.      Daikin FTC50RRV16 / 161, 3 Star (White)
10.  Electrolux ES18M5C, 5 Star (White)
11.  Godrej GSC 18 FGA5 WOG, 5 Star (White)
12.  Hitachi RAU318HWDS, 3 Star (Copper)
13.  Hitachi RAU518HUD, 5 Star (White)
14.  Hitachi RAU518MWD, 5 Star with Wi-fi Connect (White)
15.  Hyundai HSP53.GO1-QGE 3 Star (White)
16.  IFB IACS18KD5TP, 5 Star (White)
17.  LG  JS-Q18BPXA 3 Star Dual Inverter (White)
18.  LG JS-Q18NRXA, 3 Star Inverter (Red)
19.  LG LSA5NP5F 5 Star (White)
20.  LG LSA5PW3A L-Pearl, 3 Star (White)
21.  LG LSA5WT5D 5 Star Rating (Wine Red)
22.  Lloyd LS19A3OB 3 Star (White)
23.  Lloyd LS19AA3, 3 Star (White)
24.  Micromax ACS18ED3CS02WHI, 3 Star (White)
25.  Mitashi MiSAC155v05, 5 Star (White)
26.  Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA, 5 Star (White)
27.  O General ASGA18FTTA, 5 Star (White)
28.  Onida SA183GDR, 3 Star (White, Gold)
29.  Panasonic KC18RKY1, 5 Star (White)
30.  Samsung AR18JC3ESLW, 3 Star (Maroon)
31.  SAMSUNG AR18JC3JAMV,  3 Star (Morning Glory Violet)
32.  Samsung AR18JV5NBWK  Inverter (White)
33.  SAMSUNG AR18KC3UDUQ, 3 Star (White, Blue Strip)
34.  Sansui A/C SSZ55, 5 Star (White)
35.  Videocon VSD55.WV1-MDA, 5 Star (White)
36.  Voltas 183 SY, 3 Star (White)
Rs 29600+1500
delivery charges
37.  Voltas 183V IY, 3 Star Inverter (White)
Rs 40800+1500
delivery charges
38.  Voltas 185 EYR, 5 Star (Wine Red)
39.  Voltas 185JY, 5 Star (White)
40.  Whirlpool 1.5T 3DCOOL HD 3S, 3 Star (Snow White)
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Hope this list can be helpful in saving your hard earned money by giving you the option to compare and bargain even in the local stores.

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