[Timeline] Reliance Jio the Biggest Revolution in the Indian Telecommunication

[Timeline] Reliance Jio the Biggest Revolution in the Indian Telecommunication

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Reliance Jio Infocomm limited or commonly known as Jio is one of the biggest telecommunication revolutions in recent times. Since its advent in September 2016, Jio has grown up to become the largest telecom brand in the country (if not the world). Like many of us in India, I guess you might be reading this article on your Jio data [Read more…].

What made Jio such a big hit where big players like Airtel, Vodafone had been around for ages?

Those from outside India can never imagine the reason for sure unless you have read about it in newspapers. Reliance Jio has been providing free 4G unlimited data (though it was caped later, 1GB/day) to every user having a valid identity and a 4G smartphone. It is unbelievable, right.

It is 100% truth though. Trust me I don’t recall any service provider providing free Unlimited Data. The fascinating story doesn’t end here, the first offer Jio provided was unlimited 4G data free for 3 months to every user.

mr ambani jio

Could you believe it, unlimited 4G data for nothing? You were just required to have a valid identity card and an LTE Handset to get a free Jio sim and the unlimited data.

You thought that was enough free meal. Hold on, there is more.

Along with the free data, every call all over India over Jio network was free that included LTE video calls. This offer has been extended to the users even today; you can get free calls all over India with every recharge amount, minimum being 149/month.

I remember shedding over 850-1000rs for a 1GB 4G data pack with 1000mins of calls every month. After the Jio era begun, the bill hardly crossed 400rs a month that too with over 30GB 4G data a month.

Where It Started

Jio or Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is a 4G LTE network provider owned by the Reliance Industries. It was initially formed in 2010 but it started its operations only by the end of 2015. However, it was made commercial on 5th September 2016. And then it saw the world’s most remarkable feat is achieved by a network provider.

Even the launch of the brand marked a festive moment for Indians. You could have never expected the amount of fan following and anticipation people has developed for the brand. Every Reliance store saw long queues of people waiting to get their Jio sim. It was a chaos in a true sense, somewhat like it happens on an iPhone launch day.

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The Jio Fever Spread like Epidemic

Everywhere you go; people were talking only about Jio. It had made the buzz the company wanted. And why wouldn’t it? First time in the history of service providers, someone was giving free data and calls to every user who had a Jio sim without even paying a single penny.

Guys who battled their way through the long queues emerged like Heros holding Jio sim. It was such an unexpected and never ever heard of madness engulfing the whole country. This doesn’t even end in a shot, as per my knowledge and experience there was a madness to get Jio sims until early 2017.

pc: thequint.com

Jio madness spread like wildfire in the country and its impact was felt by every other operator in the market. Everyone felt the tremors caused by Jio and it crumbled the other brands by large margins. Big players like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone who were there for ages lost customers within months. It has never happened earlier in the telecommunication sector. No one was prepared for this shock (a shock for other brands). We as customers were rather happiest to get those offers and free data and calls.

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In the very first month of its launch, Reliance Jio cranked up 16 million subscribers, which is fastest in the world. No other brand over the world had ever seen so many people crazy for one network provider. Jio even got 100 million subscribers within just 5 months of its launch. It is an amazing feat achieved by Jio in India. I don’t think any other network provider has ever achieved such a feat in the world.

What Are The Jio Treats That Were Revolutionary? [Timeline]

We are close to one year of the official launch of Jio in India. And until now like most people, I have spent only 408rs/ $ 6.35. In return, have enjoyed over 360GB of 4G data and free calls for 12 months span. This is the best treat we could have ever asked for, isn’t it buddies? How many of you agree with me?

Jio Welcome Offer 5th Sept 2016- 31st Dec 2016

Reliance Jio welcomed its customers in October 2016 with its Jio Welcome Offer. With its first offer, Jio announced its entry into the highly dominated Indian telecom market. Big players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea already had its loyal customer base of millions of subscribers. It would require something special for Jio to make a name for itself.

To the utter surprise of every expert and consumers as a whole Reliance Jio launched its 3 months free 4G services. I won’t be bragging even a little if I say it brought the biggest turmoil for every consumer as well the telecom sector as a whole. Every newspaper, every news channel, every YouTube channel, every blog welcomed Jio as no one ever expected.


Reliance Jio was offering unlimited 4G data along with free calls across India along with various free services. You were just required to have a 4G LTE enabled device and a QR code generated from the Jio app. I have never seen longer queues for a SIM ever in my life. It was total madness on the streets, people queuing up for hours to get a Jio SIM. It was the biggest revolution ever after the mobile phones itself. Never had anyone seen such madness for getting a SIM Card as it was with Jio.

The offer was valid until December 2016, which meant 3 months of free unlimited 4G data. More importantly, at a time when we were paying 250-300rs for 1GB of 4GB data on other networks [Read more…].

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Jio Happy New Year Offer 1st Jan 2017- 31st March 2017

As the free data offer of Jio Welcome Offer was coming close to an end and people still wanting more, Jio became the perfect Santa and gifted another offer. Jio launched its Happy New Year Offer in December 2016 itself that was to be offered from January 2017.

However, there was a little change in the free data offered this time. The Happy New Year pack offered the existing and new customers free data for 3 months. But the data was capped to 1GB of high-speed 4G data per day. After you exhausted 1GB for the day, your speed would drop to 128kbps.


1GB/ day was still not a bad deal for people who used to have 1GB for a full month. Jio continued its craze throughout the first quarter of 2017 with its free data. It, however, attracted the prying eyes of other brands like Airtel, Vodafone who constantly tried to bring Jio down.

To the disappointment of the other network providers, Jio subscribers kept on growing at cost of others. Airtel reported a drop of 72% in profit in the first 3 months of 2017 according to a report in Livemint.com [Read More…].

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Similarly, Vodafone declared a loss of $6.9 billion dollars in the financial year ended on 31st March. Idea too reported a loss of Rs 328 crores in the quarter ended March. All of these turmoils were due to the same reason, Reliance Jio. [Read More…]

Reliance Jio made even the big players step down and compete hard with the new entrant. Jio forced the companies to be more customer-centric rather business-centric. Gone were the days when monopoly made users to pay 200-300rs for 1GB of data. They were forced to cut down their plans in order to stay in the market.

Jio Prime Membership 1st April 2017- 31st March 2018 &

Jio Summer Surprise Offer 1st April 2017- 15th April 2017 (revoked)

After about 6 months of no cost data and calls, Jio finally rolled out its recharge packs. A lot has been changed by the time Jio actually asked for a recharge. People were so much in love with Jio that many users enrolled in the Prime membership. You were to pay 99rs as a onetime recharge that would enroll you for a year of membership.

jio prime membership

Though prime membership was meant for extra benefits, Jio didn’t block the customers to get prime membership. People who enrolled to the membership had to recharge with 303rs for another 3 months of benefit. The non-prime members will lose out of the benefits thus offered.


Rs. 303 for 3 months of free 1GB 4G data for every day along with free was still the best deal out there compared to any other network. However, the other networks couldn’t bear the free offers of Jio and complained against Jio to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). It made Jio withdraw its summer surprise offer but promised the users who already recharged will be getting the benefits. [Read More…]

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer 15th April- 15th July

This was same offer as the summer surprise offer but re-launched with a new name. It all happened due to the complaints raised by other network providers. TRAI asked Jio to take down its offer but Jio was in no mood stopping distributing the free gifts. Jio launched the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer for those who missed out on the summer surprise offer.

jio dhan dhana dhan offer

If you were a prime member, you can choose packs ranging for 56 to 84 days with 1GB-2GB of data per day. For those who were still not a prime member were required to pay 99rs as one time charge and recharge with any of the amount to enjoy free data every day. The Rs 399 plan gave users the same benefits as earlier happy New Year offer with free data for 84 days. Whereas, Rs 309 would give you same benefits for 56 days and for 2GB per day Rs 509 was the pack for 56 days. [Read More…]

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer is still on and you can still recharge with various other packs based on your needs to get the best value. I hope Jio soon launches another new offer that might give the other brands another shock and make them further reduce rates.

plan chart

Reliance Jio really made the big monopolistic brands come down on their knees and beg the customers to stay. One such funny incident happened with me, Vodafone suddenly out of nowhere gave me 10GB free 4G data for free on the next bill cycle. I could see where the brand was heading, trying to woo the customers to stay with them.

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Jio Phone 21st July

On 21st July Reliance Jio made another blasting announcement on their Annual General Meeting. Mr. Ambani finally revealed the most anticipated device of the year, the Jio Phone. It is a feature phone with 4G LTE capability. Making it first feature phone in the world with 4G VoLTE support at a price of only Rs. 1500/ $23.4.

jio phone
PC: indiatoday.com

This is not just the end, Mr. Ambani also announced that this device will be effectively free for the people who pre-book the device. You need to pay 1500rs up front, as a security deposit and can get the money back after 3 years if you decide to give back the device.

The phone is a feature phone with a 2.4-inch screen with 4G VoLTE support as well as mirroring support. So you can use this phone with the high-speed internet and stream contents on a bigger screen. It is targeted at the mass users in the country who still use a feature phone. Mr. Ambani said “However, in this 78 crore, there are more than 50 crore feature phone users, who have been left out. They can neither afford the cheapest LTE smartphone, nor the exorbitant cost of data.” The phone will also have NFC to make way for UPI and payments.

Pre Booking will start from August 24 on the My Jio app and offline stores. [Read more…]

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Jio Fiber – Launch Not Confirmed

Jio has been the biggest name in the telecom and internet service provider since its advent in Sept 2016. It has proved its ability by providing free 4G Data for over 6 months to millions of users. If that was not enough to disrupt the internet, Jio seems to set out to launch its high-speed broadband.

JIO fiber leaked
PC: gadgets.ndtv.com

It is even in its testing phase in few areas of Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and other cities. Though this information is still subjective and just approved by leaks. I strongly believe Jio is up to some kind of broadband services very soon. If we were believed a leak, Jio Fiber will offer high-speed broadband up to 100mbps. It will also come with a free offer of 100GB per month for three months. [Read here…]

If this is true, Jio is set to shake the broadband business in India soon. I as a customer really want this to happen. As more the completion, brands will look to provide attractive services to keep hold of the customers. This would change the present scenario where we have to pay 1000 of rupees to get a high-speed broadband connection.

Jio is Best for We Consumers

Jio has brought a much-needed competition in the telecom sector, which was getting monopolistic. Big brands were exploiting customers and we were helpless to buy the ultra-expensive data from the brands. Jio has made the market competitive again and has forced the brands to take customers seriously.

jio record

I strongly believe Reliance Jio will continue revolutionising our telecom industry and make it more competitive. Other than choosing what we have, consumers can choose what they want. This is healthy for the long-term benefits of the customers.

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Aha, I must end now, it has been a long article already. I hope this article provided you the most needed information of Jio as a whole with all its might in a single post. Let me know in the comments how much you enjoyed reading about the revolutionary Jio and its heroics.

See you soon my Awesome Buddies, Take Care.

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