The Ultimate Battle Of Flagship Mid 2017- Which One to Buy Today

The Ultimate Battle Of Flagship Mid 2017- Which One to Buy Today

The battle of flagships is getting fierce with brands getting aggressive and competitive with every new device. Like every year, there was something new added to the flagship line-up this year. We saw the use of Bezel-less displays getting popular among the top tier flagship brands like Samsung or LG. LG with its latest flagship announced the bezel-less display competition this year. With its G6, LG went with its own bezel-less display called the “FullVision Display” that has an aspect ratio of 18:9. If you remember or never really care, most typical smartphones have an aspect ratio of 16:9. This has been the standard format of high definition displays for the most part of the media industry.

As every piece of technology, displays have evolved with time and it won’t be any shocking if smartphones move to this new aspect ratio. We have already seen many other brands too moving towards minimizing the useless piece of casing on the front. Samsung, on the other hand, had gone a step further and launched its own version of the bezel-less display calling it “Infinity Display”. Though it looks gorgeous, it doesn’t seem too functional due to its peculiar aspect ratio of 18.5:9, meaning black bars on either side.

Interestingly the trendsetter was Xiaomi with its concept device Xiaomi Mi MiX, which boasted a 17:9 display. At the time it was launched, it was the first ever commercial device that allowed us a peep into the future of smartphone displays. Moreover, it holds true rather, as it seems most of the flagships now are moving towards a bezel-less display. To add to the already fierce competition, latest rumors suggest iPhone 8 to be supporting a bezel-less display too. This would make it official for most brands competing on the higher end to move towards a bezel-less display to be up with the latest trends. Another, striking feature we have this year is the dual cameras.

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Many flagships have gone with the dual camera setup including the latest iPhone 7 plus. However, Samsung strangely has opted not to change the sensor from the last year’s flagship, the Galaxy S7 edge.

The Flasghip Race, Which One You Should Pick Today

Let us round up the flagships until mid of 2017 and look at the competition on the top end of the smartphone line-ups for you to decide the one to pick.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Best Looking Device, 2017)

galaxy s8

Well, this has to be one of the most hyped and better-looking devices this year. I personally, however, feel, the device does not have much difference from the last year’s flagship Galaxy S7 edge. Though the display looks something, we have not seen on any device until yet but it lacks functionality owing to the unusual aspect ratio. Having used the device it felt one of the most fragile devices I have ever used. I had to be extra careful while handling the device in day-to-day usage. It has enough power packed under the beautiful display that makes it to the top flagships in this year. For the premium price charged for the phone, you do get a premium device. It is a fine piece of hardware for those who want the premium feel.

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LG G6 (Best Overall Competitor, 2017)

LG G6LG took the first step to get into the competition of the Flagships with its bigger bezel-less display. However, coming first has its own flaws; in this case, it is the outdated processor. G6 though is one of the devices that provide a great performance and the latest price cut makes it a very compelling choice. Though many would suggest it to be not worth the choice as it has the older snapdragon821. However, in my testing I found it to be sturdy and provide great performance. I would prefer it to Galaxy S8 due to its price to performance ratio. Moreover, I feel more secure with the device than holding a super slippery Galaxy S8. The Samsung is sexier looking device at the premium end, whereas the LG is an all-rounder at par with other flagships.

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HTC U11 (Unique Device of the Year, 2017)

HTC U11HTC seemed to be going out of popularity lately. However, their newer launch seems to be an interesting device in the round of flagships. HTC has gone with a weird squeeze body feature that responds to squeeze. However, not a very appealing feature to have, it does make way for something new and fresh. It might have a better implementation in future and we can find more use of it by then. Apart from the squeezy feature, the device packs the top-notch specs. However, it is priced at the premium end and with the interesting addition of pressure sensors; it can prove to be a great flagship. It has to be one of the fastest devices with a lot of its own pros. HTC is known for its quality and camera, that hold true for the U11. Along with it, the HTC sound output is better compared to others at this end of smartphone spectrum.

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Xiaomi Mi6 (Awaiting)

Xiaomi mi6

The infamous Mi6 has to be the cheapest snapdragon 835 device in the market. Although we around the globe are waiting for the device to be launched globally, it doesn’t seem to be soon. From what I have leant from the fellow Tech reviewers who were lucky to get hold of the device, it is bang for buck. I cannot comment much on the device, having not tested it personally. Going through the specs sheet we can say, it has to be a sweet deal for the price tag and the specs it packs underneath the glass metal body.

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OnePlus 5 (Best Value for Money Device, 2017)

OnePlus 5This has to be my favourite device yet in 2017, simply because of the price to performance ratio. Boasting a powerful Snapdragon 835 with 6GB of RAM this surpasses every competition at this price point. One Plus always have surprised Tech enthusiast around the globe with its powerful devices at cheaper prices. I don’t think it can kill the flagships as it advertised, but it creates a Genre in itself. Premium feel, good camera, beefy specs sheet, fastest charger. All makes it a very sweet deal for anyone looking for top notch specs without digging a hole in their pockets. I am using this device for over a month now and it has truely impressed me. Using the device is a very smooth experience. It has it own set of flaws but those are easily ignorable for the price it is offered.

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For now, I would easily suggest anyone looking for the best price to performance to go for One Plus 5. However if you are looking for a more premium looking device with good specs and brand name, go for the Samsung Galaxy S8. For those HTC fans, HTC U11 is a great choice if you can get over the slightly larger bezels at time when others are going for thinner alternatives. LG G6 has its own functionality and for those who prefer a overall good looking and functional device and not care for the generation of processor inside. Mi6, if ever it launches I will update it here with the experience and suggestion.

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