What Is Night Mode on Your Smartphone and its Importance

What Is Night Mode on Your Smartphone and its Importance

Most of us have the night mode/ night shift on our smartphone, so what is Night Mode on your smartphone and its importance?

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If you use a smartphone then you might have come across this feature, but do you know why it is so important and you must start using it from today itself. If you can recall this feature was added just few update back to all the devices from iOS to Android.

It was done following a suggestion from researchers following the bad effect of the blue lights on eyes of smartphone users and causing lack of sleep. With growing number of smartphone users and the habit of night time browsing, this was becoming a serious health issue among users. Researchers have pointed to the fact that blue light can be the cause of lack of sleep and strain on your eyes.

Why Blue Light Is Bad For You and Your Slumber

Every human being has a cardinal rhythm, the internal body clock as it is referred in common terms. Without being much technical, it essentially means the body’s habit of an everyday situation. To make it easier, our body is supposed to sleep in dark and if it is disturbed even by a small light, it can make things chaotic. Even the small amount of light produced by your smartphone screen is enough to cause trouble in sleep.

To add to the effect, smartphone or tablet screens mostly emit a blue light which can further affect your slumber. Many types of research and studies have found out that the blue light has a short wavelength asking your brain to get more alert. If your brain is alert it is very difficult for melatonin hormone production that is responsible for sleep.

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Constant staring at the screen can trick your brain to think it is a daytime and you are staring at the sun while it is still night. This can greatly affect your natural body clock which has an adverse impact on your body. To name few of effects, it can cause insomnia, weight loss, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and at extreme ends even cancer.

blue light effect smartphoneThe effects were so evident that every brand now has a night mode/night shift in place on the smartphones. It was done mostly as the smartphone users were growing, so is the habit of using smartphones while sleep. Night mode basically ensures that the color temperature of the screen is more towards the warmer spectrum of colors other than the cool blue tint.

The Night Mode/ Night Shift

Android with the update on Nougat, Android 7 made sure night mode reached to most devices. However, the nougat user base is still very low and might some time to get it to all Android devices. Apple on the other hand with their iOS 9.3 reached to most of the iPhone with its night shift. Luckily I have all my devices updated to nougat and iOS 10 for the least. I was a skeptic at first to use the night mode as it seemed too aggressive. However, a little tinkering around with the settings made it more subtle and useful feature.

I set the timers to switch on the night mode/night shift on its own at 10.00pm every night and turn it off at 10.00 am. This made sure my eyes had less strain on the night time YouTube videos. Who would want to miss the MKBHD and Unbox Therapy videos?

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I felt like updates the night mode/night shift got better and the transition became more subtle and less aggressive to the eye. You can also adjust the number of warm colors on your screen; I prefer keeping it at around 20-25% which though reduces blue light does not make it yellowish as you get at higher levels.

Setting it to custom time few hours before sleep time can help you sleep better as I have experienced. It helps to gradually adjust the eyes to the warmer color. In addition, keep your brightness to auto or lowest for better filtering the blue light and making it suitable for slumber at night.

I suggest turning on the night mode/night shift in your settings. Set the custom time to few hours ahead of your sleep time. This ensures you do not have to turn the mode every night. Adjust the power of the mode you need.


Let’s Wind up Why the Night Mode/Night Shift Is Important

  • Night mode reduces the blue lights emitted which can reduce the eye strain
  • Promises it can help you sleep better by reducing exposure to the blue light
  • It makes the screen warmer
  • Blue light is known to have short wavelength keeping the brain alert, night mode can drastically reducing the blue lights
  • Night mode makes it easier to look at the screen in dark
  • Ensures that the overall brightness is lower making it easier for bedmates to sleep together


I have it turned on my every device and it works flawlessly every night turning my screen to a warmer tone at the time I have set. It works quite the same on Android as well on the iOS device. This has to be one of the more sensible features added to the smartphones lately that might help reduce a little of the bad effects. This won’t guarantee a good sleep but it is a step taken towards the right direction.

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Night mode thus largely makes the smartphone screen to be more tolerable at night. It also ensures you get a better sleep and keep the body clock on track. I have been using it every day and have got used to the color shift of the screen. It might take a few days and ultimately you will appreciate the change. I am not very sure if it really helps you sleep better, but it does make the screen more tolerable. Overall it is a must use the feature on your smartphone, given the growing use of smartphone at bedtime. The only drawback is not available on the older generation of Android but coming soon. For iOS users, I guess most users have already got the update. Let me know in the comments if it caused a little difference to your sleep.

See you soon Buddies, have a great day.

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