Why not to buy Gionee A1 at this Price

Why not to buy Gionee A1 at this Price

#Selfiestan does not seem interesting to buy Gionee A1 at this price after reading the specs sheet. Gionee’s latest smartphone called the A1 doesn’t seem to be having A1 specs to go for it. Alia Bhatt is seen taking some cute selfies with the new phone that is supposed to have a great selfie camera. Many manufacturers are now days just looking to play with the emotions of the selfie crazy generation and trying to earn profit selling this emotion. But are these phones really worth the price tag they come with for the features they have underneath the hood of the phones? Check out the specs here:

  • Helio P10 processor
  • Dual Sim support with Hybrid slot
  • 64 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM
  • 5.5” display with 2.5D Curved Glass with gorilla glass protection
  • Android Nougat out of box
  • 13 MP primary/ 16 MP front camera with flash
  • VolTE support
  • 4010 mAh battery with fast charging


In my frank opinion I believe this is pure cheating the way these manufacturers are playing with customer’s emotions. These days the smartphone market has become very competitive where manufacturers are making powerful phones at budget, few manufacturers are looting away customers. Manufactures like Xiaomi, Moto, Lenovo and many others are packing up powerful specs that also at very attractive pricing. Let us discuss why it is not great idea to buy Gionee A1 at this price point.To go into details, there are few big manufacturers of the processors that are used in the smartphones. Qualcomm, MediaTek, Enynos, Kirin, etc are the few big manufacturers making the best processors for the smartphones. Qualcomm is one of the biggest makers of smartphone processor after the Apple itself. Most android devices run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors that are really fast and provide great performance. And Qualcomm supplies processors to the top makers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Google and many other big makers on the list.

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Snapdragon has a line-up of processors that are used in various products line-ups based on pricing of the device. Gionee A1 is launched at a price of INR 19999 that is considered to be a mid-ranger smartphone based on the latest standards of the smartphone market. Any device between the price range of INR 15000-20000 can be called a mid-ranger. If you go by the list there are many top choices like the Moto G5 Plus, Lenovo P2, Samsung A5 2016, and many others.

In this price range of up to 20000 the most popular processor used is the Spandragon 625. It is considered a powerful processor at this price point and even higher priced devices boast it. It is power efficient, fast and capable of handling most of intensive work. However the new Gionee A1 that is priced INR 19999 comes with a Helio P10 processor. This processor is one of the low powered processor with very little things to like about. And this processor belongs to the older generation of processors​.

So how can it be justified for having a Helio P10 in a INR 19999/- device with not much features to brag about in the device. If only selfie camera is the USP of this device then the pricing is not justified. It did fail to impress me with the specs that it has under the metal casing. Though it has a pretty good design with metal built and the colours look decent in my opinion.

However in my opinion if you are willing to spend INR 19999/- on a device why not go for other options like the Lenovo P2 or the Moto G5 Plus. They too have a decent selfie camera to be comparative. Moto G5 plus has one of the best cameras though it is the back camera in this price range.

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The Gionee A1 has VolTE support and has an internal memory of 64GB and comes with 4GB RAM. Though the specs seem to be quite decent but how well the processor will hold up under heavy usage is really doubtful. It also has a hybrid slot for extension up to 256 GB. The back camera is 13MP without OIS or EIS and the front camera is 16MP with selfie flash.
Its up to you to decide whether you want to buy Gionee A1 at this price or not. Let me know what you think of the device and if you will be buying it.
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